access request to create and edit public web pages in the NSS security area



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8 years ago
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I maintain a project related to NSS (python-nss) and would like to be able to create and edit web content for the project. I would also like to be able to edit NSS content.

From the mailing list:

On 25/02/11 23:55, John Dennis wrote:
> > Yes, that's a deficiency. The lack of a project page is part due the
> > fact I'm the only person supporting the project and the difficulty of
> > getting the right Mozilla mojo to maintain public pages. So I do
> > apologize for that, it really should be done.
File an access request bug and CC me.


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What sort of vouching is needed to give access to the webtree. David?


Comment 2

8 years ago
FWIW, I already have CVS write access and an account on for pushing releases out on the FTP server.

Comment 3

8 years ago
There are two things to discuss here.

* Getting access is just a matter of getting vouched by the owners of the content you're interested in.  In this case it looks like someone from this list:

* Where should this content live?  In addition to having NSS pages on there are also NSS pages on MDN and the wiki.

We should figure out where it makes the most sense for this content to live and then migrate over the other content and set up redirects so people don't come across old content.  Both MDN and the wiki are much easier to update than, fwiw.

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8 years ago
Bob Relyea and Wan-Teh Chang have vouched for me in the past.

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8 years ago
OK, if someone on the security team vouches in this bug we can work out the access part.

Any thoughts on the question about where NSS content should live?

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8 years ago
Bob and Wan-Teh, I have added you to the cc list for this administration request to be granted access to maintain python-nss project web pages and I was hoping one or both of you would vouch for me.

From time to time while working on the binding I've found omissions, errors or clarifications needed in the existing API doc, if you see fit I'd like permission to make edits there to enhance the doc, but I would understand if you preferred team review of any changes in the core doc (or possibly the master lives in source code control somewhere and the web content is just a shadow copy).

You might also want to chime in on the NSS content question. I know improving the doc has been a long term goal.

However, in any event I do need to create and maintain python-nss content.

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8 years ago
Bob and Wan-Teh, please see the question in comment #3 about where this content should live.  Editing documents on the wiki or MDN is much easier and therefore the pages are likely to stay more up to date.  Plus we have been slowly migrating technical documents off of and I think MDN may be a better fit (although I don't know exactly what the plans are for the NSS pages).
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Comment 8

8 years ago
I vouch for John Dennis.

The area John needs access to is

John: you should put python-nss docs on
Use for project planning only.  Treat as in maintenance mode.
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8 years ago
OK, can someone in server ops give John access to the projects/security/pki/ directory in the SVN repository?

Note, if there is interest in migrating the data from to MDN I'm happy to help with that.
Added to authz

[/projects/security/pki] = rw
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Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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No, this should be /projects/
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Changed to reflect comment #11
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Do we usually give people access to subsets of the webtree? I thought normal practice was just to give people access to the whole thing.


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8 years ago
Reed would know more about this than I do, but I believe we've limited access inside the repository in other cases.

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8 years ago
I'm getting "access denied" errors when I try to do a commit. Who can I work with to get this resolved?
Shot you an email,  we can discuss over email or IRC
All set, now correctly pointing to the right repo in authz

[/projects/] = rw
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