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Pressing backspace on Xoom keyboard results in us deleting 2 characters


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Go to any text field in Fennec on a Xoom (using the stock Honeycomb keyboard) and type some text.  Pressing backspace to delete a letter will delete 2 letters.
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mwu is taking a look at this one
Assignee: crowderbt → mwu
mwu, this works fine on the xoom but is busted on the nexus one.  Clearly, i am new to this code and do not think that this is a real fix, just wanted to share something with you that was working better.

ooc, i really don't understand why we have a separate path for deleting a character.
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patch v.1 - onTextChanged playground

basically what this does is prevents the delete from happening.
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the keyboard on the XOOM is sending a keypress when you click on the delete button.  This is the cause of the two deletes -- one we generate from onTextChanged, and the other from the actual keyboard.

We probably can handling this in a few ways -- like special case the xoom in the GeckoInputConnection, or disable keypresses that use the delete (which would hurt webcontent).
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illustration only.

this prevents keypresses with the delete key from being seen by gecko.  The keyboard now works fine(*) on Xoom and g2.
This prevents the hkb code (which involves mKeyListener, onTextChange, and others) from being invoked when the softkb is generating key events.
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Do not filter keyevents from the soft kb

tested on the xoom and the g2 (both hardward keyboard and software keyboard).
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