SO::constructProperty is never overridden, anywhere



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Not even in Flash/AIR. So let's eliminate it and combine the single instance into the single callsite.
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FWIW: setAtomPropertyIsEnumerable is also never overridden, so could be made nonvirtual.
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In the old code, we only replaced the receiver in the virtual call, which was only used for kObjectType atoms.  In the new code, it happens for primitives too.  Which one is right?  If we dont have a test case to detect the difference, then we need one.  If we have one, is the change not detectable?
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good catch. I'll try to find out.
Yow... apparently we don't have a testcase that tickles *either* branch of the default case.
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> Yow... apparently we don't have a testcase that tickles *either* branch of the
> default case.

I stand corrected: we have a handful that touch the non-primitive case, but none for the primitive case. I'll remedy that.
So this code can be tickled by something like

   var a = 1;
   var b = new;

which will of course always throw

   TypeError: Error #1007: Instantiation attempted on a non-constructor 

But if we finesse it by doing, say, = Number;
   var a = 1;
   var b = new;

we'll get a useful test.
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Testcase that tickles this path for all primitive types, both in failure and success modes.

Testcase passes both with and without the actual patch in question applied, so you may want to revisit your R-.
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Can you add a comment explaining why the "replace receiver" is there?
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