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Geolocation slowness/problems with


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I am using a Nexus S.

I've noticed that geolocation sites behave quite differently under Firefox than under the android browser.  In particular, geolocation on Firefox seems to be slower, and to fail more frequently.  The site demonstrates this very well: the site loads quite quickly under android, but under FF it is slow, and with the internal GPS receiver disabled, it frequently fails.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Turn off GPS receiver.
2. Start firefox
3. Navigate to

Actual Results:  
The nextbus site is very slow to fail.

Expected Results:  
I'd like to see a list of nearby bus routes and times to nearby stops.  In the stock android browser, this invariably shows quite quickly, even with GPS turned off (naturally, location accuracy suffers).
Confirmed on Firefox Mobile nightly 20110303. The stock browser gave me a bus route and Firefox Mobile could not determine my location.
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this also doesn't work in firefox (when using a user agent changer to simulate fennec/android).  this is an evangelism bug, i think.
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In addition to the slowness & intermittent failures, I'm also getting prompted for the location permission multiple times. I filed this as bug 706865; I seem to see it on both the current Firefox 9 beta and the 20111201 native-UI nightly.
This doesn't seem to fail.
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