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Incompatible themes aren't disabled when switching from 3.6 to 4 if the profile has already been used with Firefox 4 before


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If an user cancels the check for compatibility during the startup we do not deactivate incompatible themes but keep them active.

1. Create a fresh profile with Firefox 3.6
2. Install Charamel:
3. Restart Firefox
4. Start Firefox 4 RC1 and immediately cancel the check for updates

After Firefox 4 has been opened you will still see the Charamel theme active. It's only compatible up to Firefox 4b8pre.

Could be related to the current AMO outage and a bad state when the compat check gets aborted.

Dave will look into it asap.
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Can you retest but before starting Firefox 4 enable extensions.logging.enabled and then after running 4 and it is using the incompatible theme what is listed in the error console and what is the value of general.skins.selectedSkin?
Attached file log
The value of general.skins.selectedSkin is "charamel"
The log makes it looks like it is doing the right thing and I still can't reproduce. Are others able to reproduce this?
Dave and I tried to get this reproduced via IRC and finally Dave got the right STR. I have to update my one from comment 0 because it seems that I have accidentally opened Firefox 4 initially.

1. Create a fresh profile with Firefox 4
2. Open the same profile with Firefox 3.6
3. Install Charamel:
4. Restart Firefox
5. Start Firefox 4

It hasn't to do with the compatibility check, but only when the profile was open with Firefox 4 before.
Summary: Canceling compatibilty check during startup keeps incompatible theme active → Incompatible themes aren't disabled when switching from 3.6 to 4 if the profile has already been used with Firefox 4 before
The problem here is that on startup we correctly identify that a non-default incompatible theme is enabled and so attempt to enable the default theme, but according to the Firefox 4 database the default theme is already enabled so that becomes no-op and the preference is not updated.

The straightforward fix is to just manually force the preferences to be right in this case after attempting to update the database.
I don't think this needs to block the release however I think we should get this fixed in a .x release
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