Improve the UI for SSL errors to help users and website admins diagnose problems




8 years ago
3 years ago


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Firefox Tracking Flags

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Possible improvements:

1. Provide a way for the user to verify that the server is configured correctly, e.g. by providing a link to the (or similar) analysis of the server.

2. Provide an indication of which non-default trust flags have been set on the relevant certificates (to identify the case where the user has untrusted a root CA in our program for whatever reason.)

3. Provide a way to save the certificate chain as a file that can be attached to a bugzilla bug report.
This is more of a front-end issue (and note that we implemented #3 - for overridable errors, if the user clicks the error code (in the advanced pane), the certificate chain is displayed as PEM).
Component: Security: PSM → Security
Product: Core → Firefox
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