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Reorder context menu items to be consistent with Firefox's


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Thunderbird 3.3a3


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Currently, the suggestions items for spellchecking are at the bottom of the context menu. In Firefox, they're at the top.

<protz> so in Firefox, from top to bottom, we have undo / cut copy paste / select all
<protz> in Thunderbird, it's undo select all cut copy paste without separator

These items should be reordered to be consistent with Firefox's ordering.
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Here the patch, as promised. It's very simple so I think you can review it straight away. I've made the context menu consistent with Firefox's. To try that, if you have the web tabs extension installed, just open a twitter tab, and then, type something stupid, right-click on the bad word. The menu should be just like Firefox's.

I don't know if we need Bryan's ui-review for that...?
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Bryan, you might want to take a quick look at this, although it really is a minor UI change.
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The patch

Great patch, thanks. I'm going to ask for ui-review, just to be safe.
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The patch

yeah looks great, thanks.
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