Set up syslog and Apache access logs for glow


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7 years ago
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7 years ago
I'm using Python's syslog support in the logging module. My syslog tag is http_app_glow and I'm logging to LOG_LOCAL7. Can we hook this up so it goes to the clusterlogs? I don't know where that is past /vol/syslog/clusterlog from khan.

In [3]: logging.handlers.SysLogHandler.LOG_LOCAL7
Out[3]: 23
Unless there is someone else in ops who is familiar with rsyslog and wants to do this tonight, I will take care or it tomorrow morning.
I have the log filtered out to /var/log/glow.log.

As far as the remote logging, it is a bit more complicated than I originally understood.

khan has mounted which appears to be  In that directory are a bunch of app directories.

Where should I forward the syslog messages to have them show up in that directory?
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Duplicate of this bug: 640854


7 years ago
Summary: Set up syslog for glow → Set up syslog and Apache access logs for glow

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7 years ago
oremj helped me figure out the zeus logs and I have access to the local glow logs so I don't care about syslog.
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