investigate why w32-ix-slave02 and w32-ix-slave04 are not configured correctly



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7 years ago
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7 years ago
both of these slaves have been burning l10n builds because they don't have proper ssh keys


7 years ago
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I thought these were staging slaves?

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7 years ago
that would explain the ssh key error but beg the question of why they were assigned l10n nightly jobs
Have these two machines been officially moved to production?
If so, it is then normal they could get assigned L10n jobs.

FTR slave02 is not on OPSI as a production slave but slave04 is tracked as a production slave.
Adding Pike so he is in the loop.
Whiteboard: [slaveduty] → [slaveduty][l10n]
There is also something to be noticed. slaves are not sorted so it could lead to visual confusion.
w32-ix-slave41 	offline 	
w32-ix-slave42 	connected 	
w32-ix-slave01 	offline 	
w32-ix-slave02 	connected 	
w32-ix-slave03 	connected 	

The list ends and then it starts again.
They were officially moved to production last week.  I checked SSH keys on the hosts I set up, but I didn't set up all of them.  I also moved them to production OPSI.

Are the keys and OPSI fixed now?  What's the current state?

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7 years ago
no they need to be fixed, I was unable to connect to them using ssh or vnc (but I also only tried once).  I pressed "graceful shutdown" on the master's web page for both of them.
OK, I logged in via RDP, disabled, and rebooted.  That reboot may have burned a l10n build (hard to tell), but if so the build would have failed anyway.
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comment 9 should ready "w32-ix-slave04 is already in the production list, so it doesn't need to be added.

w32-ix-slave02 is back in production
w32-ix-slave04 is also back in production, with correct SSH keys.
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