Doesn't seem to be a hot key (shortcut) for Refresh All Tabs




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Can't find a dupe for Firefox. Also not sure if we should expose a shortcut for this action which is probably used really rarely. Lets get feedback from UX.
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I use it on my bugzilla window to refresh all my searches rather than doing cmd+r on each one.
Well, it's only you and doesn't speak for a huge amount of users. Sounds fine to be part of an extension. But lets wait for feedback from UX.
I don't think it's something people need, but I think people would use it if it was there.


7 years ago
Summary: Doesn't seem to be a hot key for Refresh All Tabs → Doesn't seem to be a hot key (shortcut) for Refresh All Tabs
There is no shortcut for this, probably because:
1.This is not a commonly used action among all users
2.The shortcuts UI is already very cluster
3.This is not an often used action among the same user 

I'm not sure about 3 though. I assume people who use this function only reload all tabs once a while, not all the time. But maybe for some people, they need to reload all the tabs every 10 mins. Then it will be very useful if we have a shortcut for them.

We do have plan to redesign the preferences panel and add a shortcut manager feature. If that happens then the use can modify shortcuts based on their habits. Then this problem will be solved.
Keywords: uiwanted
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