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Data props implemented by getter/setter behave weird


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When a property access propagates from some object to another via [[Prototype]] the getters are invoked with the orginal object, which won't be the same type as those expected by these getters.

>var s = new String('xxx');
>var o = {__proto__: s};
This throws, because in the end we try to call String.prototype.toString on o

Even more weird, but i will probably fix this in Bug 640593.
>var f = function test () {};
>var o = {__proto__: f};
undefined, because we don't walk the [[Prototype]] for "name" in fun_getProperty.
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That's the right behavior, no?  For a prop with a getter/setter that's found on the proto chain the |this| object passed to the getter/setter is the object the original prop lookup happened on.  That's how it's supposed to work!
We implement this as getter/setter, but actually they are data props. So |this| is not important per spec.
I assume you meant print(o) in the first example?

Converting name and some of the other Function ops-based properties into there-from-birth instance properties, as done for RegExp in bug 640072, would fix this.  I see other issues (potential and real) doing that right now, but with some other changes it might be possible eventually.
oh i meant o.length
Depends on: 640503
I can't reproduce the two issues in the original report.
Closed: 11 years ago
No longer depends on: 640503
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