Erroneous style rule being reported in document.stylesheets, but not being applied




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Iterating over the rules in document.stylesheets of the acid2 test reports line 96 as an active rule for .parser, however it is not applied to the element on the page (thus the acid2 test at looks fine).  

Line 96: "\.parser { padding: 2em; }"

With firebug installed, you can see this illustrated.  Inspect .parser and you will not see anything related to line 96 in CSS for the element, but then click on the CSS tab and line 96 will appear.  

This appears to have been fixed in ff4 minefield as the line is still reported, but it is reported accurately as "\.parser { padding: 2em; }" instead of ".parser { padding: 2em; }"

Reproducible: Always
Sounds like this is fixed, then...  This isn't a security issue, so won't be backported to the security-fix branches.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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Either way, though, it's not an *erroneous* style rule.  It's a style rule with a tag selector for an element with tag name ".parser".

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7 years ago
Didn't know 3.6 is security only.  Sorry about that.  

Just to defend my original report =] -- The rule is reported to Javascript as simply ".parser", which is incorrect.  It should either report to javascript as "\.parser", or apply the style to elements with classname ".parser".  It does neither.  This isn't a huge problem, as anyone who makes a classname "\.parser" is wrong.  But still, it is/was an problem.
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