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Fennec stays minimized when closing multiple tabs on Maemo /MeeGo


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In Meego Warning on Close prevent Fennec on MeeGo to close successfully which cause that Fennec can not be started a second time ("Firefox is already running"-Error)

This is because of this warning. We simply need to disable it.
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Disable Warn On Close for Meego / Maemo

I don't think this is a good idea to to do it this way, fennec is single window multi-tab app, and when you close fennec from taskswitcher with multiple tabs we should bring fennec to the user and allow to choos close fennec or not.
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Duno if this allowed in meego ui spec / possible.
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Disable Warn On Close for Meego / Maemo

I agree with Oleg. If you wanted to get fancy, you could just close the current tab when closing from the task switcher. As a baseline, you should do what Oleg suggests and focus fennec and display the shutdown prompt.
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yep. i dont want to doubt that. The thing is that taskswitcher just remove the window (without waiting on action from application).

Mhm I need to investigate if there are option to do raise the window once more - but i'm sure its not fitting device rules.
Looks like the window get just killed, without requesting / waiting for the application. So even if we open the Window and ask for opinion of user the browser window will be gone from taskswitcher.

I do not see any option for asking the user / giving the user a choice to rethink his action.
Sorry for the spam.

How should we proceed now? Turn off the pref is the only option i see.
in order to prevent closing for graphics view we need something like 

    void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)
Summary: Disable Tab Warning on Close for Meego Fennec → Fennec stays minimized when closing multiple tabs on Maemo /MeeGo
Assignee: nobody → tanya.meshkova
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Activate while waiting to close

>         this._waitingToClose = true;
>+        window.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIDOMChromeWindow).restore();

I guess mobile-UI guys need to check this part
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Can you provide some STR so we can verify this please?
I see it works fine now, but I'm not sure am I able to set verify status or not...
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