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Make it possible to have public Legal bugs


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At the moment, as far as I can tell (I'm not certain because, although I am a bmo admin, for some reason I can't view the config of the Legal product) the "legal" group is mandatory for bugs in the Legal product. That means that it is not even possible to make a bug in the Legal product public.

However, there are examples of Legal bugs which it is reasonable (and, indeed, important) to make public - one such is bug 578857, which is about possible changes to the Committer's Agreement. Such changes are of community interest, and discussion relating to them should be public.

So my first suggestion is to make the legal group "Default" rather than "Mandatory" for the Legal product - that is, bugs filed in Legal are still concealed by default, but it is technically possible to open them where appropriate.

If this is unacceptable for some reason, people are invited to submit other suggestions for solving the problem outlined above.

Need to find some other appropriate product to move it to in order to make it public.  Legal's locked down pretty hard for (you guessed it) legal reasons ;)

For something like the mentioned bug I'd imagine might be an appropriate place to move it to.
OK, so the approved mechanism is to move the bug out of Legal? As long as the legal team are OK with tracking legal-related bugs across multiple products, that's OK with me...

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Gerv: Was that indeed the resolution? I didn't see any comments from the legal team.
I took silence as consent, and moved the bug in question out of the Legal component. I will do the same for any other bugs which need opening up. If that causes tracking problems, we may end up revisiting this bug :-)

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