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7 years ago
We'd like the Facebook badges tab content to be served on both https and http. On our Fx4 staging server, it appears that only https is supported so those who are viewing Facebook only over https don't see the tab content at all.

For Firefox 4 launch day, we'd like to make sure the Facebook badges tab is supported over https as well.

Stage url:
Production url (not currently live):

If this should be under Websites instead of server ops, please move it. Thanks
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timing out when viewed via https

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> I'm confused on what is needed. Both of these work for me:

William, I think we can punt this. This does appear to be working for me as well.

oremj the root of the confusion is my doing, at one point this was not working.  Earlier viewing the app via https was causing the app to break. William filed the bug after we had a conversation via email.  That said, the app appears to be working via https now.

Marking this worksforme unless anyone has objections.
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