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Port the safe mode startup screen from Firefox to Thunderbird


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Thunderbird 5.0b1


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We'd like to port the safe mode start-up screen from Firefox to Thunderbird (see attached screenshot from Firefox).

I've spoken to Bryan and we think that "Disable all add-ons" and "Reset toolbars and controls" are the two options that we can keep.

This will form part of work to improve our safe mode set-up to follow suit with what Firefox has done.
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Pretty much a straight port of the Firefox window, modulo the actual startup switches. sr because of the mail glue stuff -- I couldn't really think of a better way to do this.
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This is what it looks like in action.
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patch v1

reviewing based on the screenshot in attachment 520741 [details] and it looks great.
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patch v1

Full review at the review dashboard:

These days the superreviewer can't be the same as the reviewer, although I think that copying what FF did for browserGlue is just right and will mean at least the idea is well tested already.

on file: mail/base/content/safeMode.xul line 55
>             buttonlabelaccept="&changeAndRestartButton.label;"
> #ifdef XP_WIN
>             buttonlabelcancel="&quitApplicationCmd.label;"
> #else
>             buttonlabelcancel="&quitApplicationCmdUnix.label;"
> #endif
>             buttonlabelextra1="&continueButton.label;"

I'm a bit surprised that there's no accesskeys here. Please check that all the
buttons are accessible on Windows at least.

on file: mail/base/content/safeMode.xul line 79
>     <checkbox id="disableAddons"  label="&disableAddons.label;"  accesskey="&disableAddons.accesskey;"/>

nit: only one space between attributes.

You might also want to consider wrapping as these are getting a bit long.
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I added accesskeys and removed the extra spaces. I didn't feel they were long enough to warrant breaking them up into multiple lines.

(This caused builds on all platforms to go red, but a clobber fixed everything)
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Forgot to add mailGlue.js to Pushed the fix as a followup: (sorry for the wrong bug number)
A litmus test for this would be good.
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