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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Please add wikimo `skins/` directory to a `projects` dir on SVN. As per chat with oremj, it's on a cluster, but the admin box is mradm02.

Adding oremj and justdave in CC.
Jeremy, please walk jakem through this tomorrow.
Assignee: server-ops → nmaul

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7 years ago
It might be even better to have the whole mediawiki installation dir on SVN, as we'd probably need some LocalSettings.php configurations in the future.

Jeremy, are you ok with that?

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7 years ago
Webdev has full access to the svn tree. Can you work with them on a deployment/update strategy for wikimo?
Assignee: nmaul → nobody
Component: Server Operations → Webdev
QA Contact: mrz → webdev

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7 years ago
Thanks Jeremy.

WebDev, would someone please take this?
If you have the code for us, we can upload that to SVN for you. If that's what you're asking?
I created the usual trunk/tags/branches triplet in svn/projects/wikimo.

oremj: can you commit the wikimo skins directory underneath: https://svn.mozilla.org/projects/wikimo/trunk/

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7 years ago
Ran into some slight snags here, but this is completed on our end.

The skins/ dir is already controlled by SVN... svn.wikimedia.org. So in an effort to not break that, I copied it all to a directory in /tmp, removed all the .svn directories, and attempted to check it in from there.

However, as it happens I do not have the right privileges to do this. Instead, Fred and I worked out a different solution: I simply made a tarball and gave it to him, and he's going to land it himself.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Component: Webdev → Server Operations
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Committed to SVN: r86349.

Note: The code from SVN is not yet used in production as the data source for the skins directory. Please have IT do that when you want to deploy changes for the first time.

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7 years ago


3 years ago
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