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DTD comment compression breaks localizations, at least Japanese


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I have no idea why the chrome/ja/locale/ja/browser/browser.dtd file in the android multi locale build would be what it is.

Can you figure out what's where?

I don't see anything that'd make me blame a wrong revision or l10n merge, I stabbed around that a bit.
diff against all two letter locales against their shipping revisions in l10n-central.

Seems that all comments get removed, and for this file, japanese has comments inline which removes the complete line including the entity.

No idea what impact that has beyond that.
Moving over to Fennec, this is not a releng problem.

This may impact other locales, including en-US if I read Gerv right on irc.

Whether the impacted code actually gets used is a different question.
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Summary: Investigate what's in Japanese Fennec 4 RC → DTD comment compression breaks localizations, at least Japanese
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Here's the diff which results after running

find . -name "*.dtd" -exec perl -p -i -e 's/(<!ENTITY.*)<!--.*-->/$1/' {} \;


hg clone

276 occurrences of a comment following an entity.

Attached file Affected string list
Here are all the affected strings, across the locales listed here:

DTD comments are tricky to strip, so let's stop doing it for now. Properties files are line based comments and should be fine to strip using the existing code.
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patch to remove the comment stripping from DTD

Looks good to me, feedback+ and thanks.
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