We need another way to ifdef for MeeGo since MeeGo Core does not define UX



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7 years ago
7 years ago


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7 years ago
The huge advantage of MeeGo is that it does not define any UX.
This allows vendors of MeeGo Product to maybe take one existing UX, but also to redefine everything. So i.e. taskswitcher buttons are maybe needed for one MeeGo but not for the other.

We also have issues regarding the fact that i.e. egls graphic drivers are in different states of development and i.e. crashing or not.

Also there is MeeGo 1.1 Core, MeeGo 1.2 Core, MeeGo 1.x Core, MeeGo y.x Core
Which might need to have different code in some point of time.

To handle this in future and now, we need and to take another path than calling all MeeGo just "MOZ_PLATFORM_MAEMO==6" (what we do right now)

But what would be the best way to handle this?

I propose to go away from the thinking of making a desicion based on the platform. I would like to take sets of features which differ in the releases and turn them off/on within mozconfig.


Also we should consider to move away from having MOZ_PLATFORM_MAEMO=6 as a synonym for MeeGo. I think that we should introduce MOZ_PLATFORM_MEEGO= with numbers like, 11,12,13,...,20,21,22,..... (for Meego 1.1, Meego 1.2)
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