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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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The popup blocker should include an option to block ALL popups, even if these are triggered by a mouse click. In short, the "open in new window" function should be restricted to the File -> New Window menu option.

Many sites are getting around popup blockers by simply attaching the functionality to a mouse click.

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7 years ago
Good idea!


7 years ago
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The popup blocker, for all practical purposes, simply doesn't work.  Firefox keeps documenting that there are "ways" around the blocker: they are essentially documenting that the blocker doesn't work.  Stop documenting that the popup blocker doesn't work, and actually fix it.  No popups means no popups.  Some sites can open 20(!) new tabs (with the "blocker" enabled).  If I need a web site to allow popups when I click (like my bank site), I will enter the site in the "allowed" list.  I don't want Firefox to decide for me when a site should be able to ignore my browser settings.

This bug has been present for years; it is beyond time to fix it.

If you really think that it's important that Firefox allow popups on click, then add another option, such as "Allow Firefox to override my browser settings whenever it thinks it knows more than me."
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