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(Reporter: andreasg, Assigned: Terry Noyes)


Mac System 9.x

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17 years ago
From Bugzilla Helper:
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.76 (Macintosh; U; PPC)
BuildID:    Netscape 4.76; MRJ Plugin 1.0b2

The page
Public+Relations contains eight instances of the same applet.  Loading that page 
in Netscape 4.76 using MRJ Plugin 1.0b2 freezes Netscape even with 100 MB 
allocated.  A page with two instances of the applet usually loads on the second 
attempt (40 MB 
allocated to Netscape).

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Allocate between 40 and 100 MB to Netscape 4.76
2. Tell it to use the Java plugin.
3. Load the URL listed above.

Actual Results:  Netscape freezes.  Sometimes MacOS (and the mouse) freezes, too.

Expected Results:  Display a number of slider applets.

The applets use LiveConnect to make JavaScript calls that change the images to 
the left of them.

Here is the MacsBug log for one of the freezes.

  MacsBug 6.6.3, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-2000
 NMI (user entered MacsBug on purpose)
  6-Jan-2001 2:15:42 PM (since boot = 25 minutes)
  Current application is ÒNetscape CommunicatorªÓ
  Machine = #406 (NewWorldMac), System $0904, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $45F6, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is off
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = -19910000
 Address 0DEC09CC is in the Process Manager heap at 01AB6E70 at 
 It is in the CFM fragment ÒAppleJavaÓ at 0DE65BB0
 It is 0005AE1C bytes from the start of the fragment
  and 0005333C bytes into a non-writeable code section at 0DE6D690
 It is 0005AE1C bytes into this heap block:
     Start    Length      Tag  Mstr Ptr Lock Prg  Type   ID   File      Name
  ¥ 0DE65BB0 000954A0+04   R   0EF84748   L       
 PowerPC 7400 (G4) Registers
                         CR0  CR1  CR2  CR3  CR4  CR5  CR6  CR7
  PC  = 0DEC09CC     CR  0010 0100 0000 0000 0000 0100 0100 1000
  LR  = 0DEC09A8         <>=O XEVO
  CTR = 0DEC0570
  MSR = 00000000         SOC Compare Count
  Int = 0            XER 000   01     0E                     MQ  = 00000000
  R0  = 00000000     R8  = 0C8081C0      R16 = 0DAB97F0      R24 = 0DAB9B30
  SP  = 0C90A870     R9  = 0C735160      R17 = 0C7BA92C      R25 = 0DABA8C8
  TOC = 0DAB6860     R10 = 00000000      R18 = 0C8081C0      R26 = 0DAB9B40
  R3  = 0C73F440     R11 = 0DA9D1CC      R19 = 0C8081C0      R27 = 0DAB99D0
  R4  = 00000000     R12 = 0DAB1EBC      R20 = 0C8081C0      R28 = 0DAB9B50
  R5  = 00000010     R13 = 0DAAFBA8      R21 = 0DABAA90      R29 = 0DABAAB8
  R6  = 0C8081C8     R14 = 0DAB9B40      R22 = 0DAB9B48      R30 = 0C8081C0
  R7  = 00000000     R15 = 0DAB52E0      R23 = 0DAB9808      R31 = 0C73F440
 Disassembling PowerPC code from 0DEC09A4
     +00658 0DEC09A4   bl         Java_sun_tools_debug_Agent_runMain_stub+006C4 ; 
| 4800006D
     +0065C 0DEC09A8   nop                                                | 
     +00660 0DEC09AC   cmplwi     r30,0x0000                              | 
     +00664 0DEC09B0   bne        Java_sun_tools_debug_Agent_runMain_stub+00674 ; 
| 40820010
     +00668 0DEC09B4   b          Java_sun_tools_debug_Agent_runMain_stub+006AC ; 
| 48000044
     +0066C 0DEC09B8   mr         r3,r30                                  | 
     +00670 0DEC09BC   bl         Java_sun_tools_debug_Agent_runMain_stub+0062C ; 
     +00674 0DEC09C0   lwz        r4,0x0008(r31)                          | 
     +00678 0DEC09C4   cmplwi     r4,0x0000                               | 
     +0067C 0DEC09C8   bne        Java_sun_tools_debug_Agent_runMain_stub+0066C ; 
| 4082FFF0
     +00680 0DEC09CC  *lwz        r0,0x0008(r30)                          | 
     +00684 0DEC09D0   addi       r3,RTOC,0x1998                          | 
     +00688 0DEC09D4   stw        r0,0x0014(r31)                          | 
     +0068C 0DEC09D8   stw        r31,0x0008(r30)                         | 
     +00690 0DEC09DC   lwz        r0,0x000C(r31)                          | 
     +00694 0DEC09E0   lwz        r4,0x0004(r30)                          | 
     +00698 0DEC09E4   slwi       r0,r0,0x02                              | 
     +0069C 0DEC09E8   lwzx       r0,r3,r0                                | 
     +006A0 0DEC09EC   add        r0,r4,r0                                | 
     +006A4 0DEC09F0   stw        r0,0x0004(r30)                          | 
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod       27345K  00002800 to 01AB6E6F  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    00028D80 to 0002A82F  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod         144K    006F0A60 to 00714A5F
  #4  Mod          94K    00776B30 to 0078E70F
  #5  Mod      217910K  01AB6E70 to 0EF8481F  Process Manager zone
  #6  Mod       15021K    0CDE23D0 to 0DC8D95F  ÒNetscape CommunicatorªÓ  
ApplZone^  TheZone^
  #7  Mod          18K    0E5F32A0 to 0E5F7B4F
  #8  Mod         476K    0ED84700 to 0EDFB8FF  ÒTimbuktu ExtensionÓ
  #9  Mod         959K    0EE54600 to 0EF4421F  ÒFinderÓ
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 00028D80 is ok
 The heap at 006F0A60 is ok
 The heap at 00776B30 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 01AB6E70 is ok
 The ÒNetscape CommunicatorªÓ heap at 0CDE23D0 is ok
 The heap at 0E5F32A0 is ok
 The ÒTimbuktu ExtensionÓ heap at 0ED84700 is ok
 The ÒFinderÓ heap at 0EE54600 is ok
  System heap high free space + TempMem low free space = #179634368 (#171M)
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           012C     #300   000755F0      #480752 (#469K)
  Nonrelocatable                 16D0    #5840   0112764C    #17987148 (#17M)
  Relocatable                    0A91    #2705   009179F0     #9533936 (#9310K)
    Locked                       0388     #904   00699930     #6920496 (#6758K)
    Purgeable and not locked     013D     #317   00159A90     #1415824 (#1382K)
  Heap size                      228D    #8845   01AB462C    #28001836 (#26M)
 The target heap is the Process Manager heap at 01AB6E70
 Totaling the Process Manager heap at 01AB6E70
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0017      #23   0A78F730   #175699760 (#167M)
  Nonrelocatable                 0003       #3   0001B00C      #110604 (#108K)
  Relocatable                    013B     #315   02D23230    #47329840 (#45M)
    Locked                       00D0     #208   027ECA60    #41863776 (#39M)
    Purgeable and not locked     0007       #7   00517930     #5339440 (#5214K)
  Heap size                      0155     #341   0D4CD96C   #223140204 (#212M)
 The target heap is the ÒNetscape CommunicatorªÓ heap at 0CDE23D0
 Totaling the ÒNetscape CommunicatorªÓ heap at 0CDE23D0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0026      #38   00139290     #1282704 (#1252K)
  Nonrelocatable                 014C     #332   00D0A34C    #13673292 (#13M)
  Relocatable                    0401    #1025   00067F70      #425840 (#415K)
    Locked                       000C      #12   000131B0       #78256 (#76K)
    Purgeable and not locked     0055      #85   000065F0       #26096 (#25K)
  Heap size                      0573    #1395   00EAB54C    #15381836 (#14M)
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  FRef Name                         VRef Type Fl ForkID   LogEOF
  0002 System                       FFFF zsys mW rsrc     007AA4DB
  0006 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFF ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00400000
  000A **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFF ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00800000
  000E **** VOLUME BITMAP           FFFF ¥¥¥¥ mw data     000E0000
  0016 AppleTalk Transport DropIn   FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     00000D5C
  001E QuickTimeª                   FFFF INIT mw data     0006E786
  0026 Chat DropIn                  FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     00008CD1
  002A OpenTpt Modem                FFFF libr mw rsrc     0001666C
  0032 Dial Direct DropIn           FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     00008A41
  003E OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator    FFFF libr mw rsrc     00001F24
  0042 OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator    FFFF libr mw rsrc     00001F24
  0046 Timbuktu Extension           FFFF appe mW rsrc     000299F6
  004A File Transfer Host DropIn    FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     0000533F
  0056 OpenTpt Remote Access        FFFF libr mw rsrc     001149FE
  005A Remote Access Log            FFFF lzlg mW data     00071000
  0066 JMAllocÐ237008               FFFF TEMP mW data     00000000
  006A Netscape Communicatorª       FFFF APPL mW rsrc     0014CC90
  006E Users & Groups Data File     FFFF BTFL mW data     00071000
  0072 Intercom DropIn              FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     000094CE
  007A Invite DropIn                FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     00003406
  007E               FFFF ZIP  mw data     00319176
  0082 Knock DropIn                 FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     000059E9
  0086 Desktop DB                   FFFF BTFL mW data     00071000
  008A Desktop DF                   FFFF DTFL mW data     00356862
  0092 Messages DropIn              FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     0000EE39
  00A2               FFFF ZIP  mw data     001FB5ED
  00A6 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     00090034
  00AA Serial (Built-in)            FFFF libr mw rsrc     0000F716
  00AE                   FFFF ZIP  mw data     000ACADC
  00B2 Office DropIn                FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     0000279A
  00CA FontAnnexFile                FFFF xfnt mW data     000002DC
  00CE ScreenShare Host DropIn      FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     00004224
  00DE TCP/IP Transport DropIn      FFFF dTB2 mw rsrc     0000287B
  00E6 Timbuktu Resources           FFFF eTB2 mw rsrc     000005E6
  00EA Timbuktu Pro Log             FFFF TEXT mW data     000075C5
  00EE Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     00090034
  00F2 Cache.img                    FFFF dimg mW data     03200000
  00F6 Cache.img                    FFFF dimg mW rsrc     0000022F
  00FA MRJPlugin.jar                FFFF ZIP  mw data     00007491
  00FE Users & Groups Data File     FFFF BTFL mW data     00071000
  011E Mac OS ROM                   FFFF tbxi mW rsrc     001882C0
  0132 Language Kit Preferences     FFFF pref mW rsrc     00000228
  013E System Resources             FFFF zsyr mw rsrc     000F8968
  01BE      FFFF TEXT mw data     00000974
  01C2 Shared Library Manager PPC   FFFF INIT mw rsrc     00033D34
  01CA Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     00090034
  01EE Netopia Preferences          FFFF pref mW rsrc     00001E33
  01FA OpenTpt Remote Access        FFFF libr mw rsrc     001149FE
  020E StdLog                       FFFF TEXT mW data     00002687
  0266 Netscape Resources           FFFF NSPL mW rsrc     0007CC89
  0272 Finder                       FFFF FNDR mW rsrc     00095C0E
  029A hostinfo.dat                 FFFF DBNX mW data     0000011D
  029E File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw rsrc     000011BE
  02A2 Finder Preferences           FFFF pref mW rsrc     0000023A
  02AA Certificates7                FFFF CERT mW data     00034000
  02AE Key Database3                FFFF TEXT mW data     00004000
  02E6 MRJ 2.2.3.smi                FFFF APPL mw data     0048A8CE
  039E Netscape History             FFFF DBMG mW data     0000C000
  03E2 MRJPlugin (4.X)              FFFF NSPL mW rsrc     0000064B
  03F2 MRJPlugin (4.X)              FFFF NSPL mw rsrc     0000064B
  0096 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFE ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00400000
  009A **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFE ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00400000
  009E **** VOLUME BITMAP           FFFE ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00099000
  0106 Desktop DB                   FFFE BTFL mW data     0004D000
  010A Desktop DF                   FFFE DTFL mW data     00000002
  00B6 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFD ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00003000
  00BA **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFD ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00006000
  011A Desktop DB                   FFFD BTFL mW data     00034000
  0122 Desktop DF                   FFFD DTFL mW data     00184A32
  012E                              FFFC ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00000000
  0102 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFB ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00064000
  010E **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFB ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00064000
  0112 **** VOLUME BITMAP           FFFB ¥¥¥¥ mw data     00003200
  0126 Desktop DB                   FFFB BTFL mW data     00002000
  012A Desktop DF                   FFFB DTFL mW data     00000002
  0396 CCache log                   FFFB DBMC MW data     00018000
  02F6 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFA ¥¥¥¥ mw data     0001CA00
  02FA **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFA ¥¥¥¥ mw data     0001CA00
  030A Desktop DB                   FFFA BTFL mW data     00001800
  030E Desktop DF                   FFFA DTFL mW data     00005032
  #256 FCBs, #111 in use (including #31 fonts not listed), #145 free
 Displaying Volume Control Blocks
  vRef VolName             Flg dRef Drv# FSID NumBlks  BlkSiz FilCnt DirCnt 
BlsdDir  VCBPtr
  FFFF OS9                 dsh FFCA 0008 0000 006FD285 001000 003DEF 0005DA 
0000001F 00200680
  FFFE OSX                 dsh FFCB 0009 0000 004C4ED7 001000 000007 000004 
00000000 00C06570
  FFFD Majesty 1.0         dSh FFBD 0005 0000 81A8     003000 000005 000001 
00000000 00C5F1A0
  FFFC Audio CD 1          dSh FFBD 0004 4A48 0001     000200 000005 000000 
00000000 00C5F6D0
  FFFB Cache               Dsh FFBB 000A 0000 00018FAA 000200 0000CA 000005 
00000000 004B3EC0
  FFFA MRJ Install         dSh FFBB 000B 0000 72E3     000200 00007A 00001A 
00000000 00A27E30
  #6 VCBs
 Displaying Drive Queue
  Drive Volume               Flags dRef Driver Name           FSID   Size   QElem 
  0008  OS9                  leiS  FFCA .ATADisk              0000 037EA66E 
  0009  OSX                  leiS  FFCB .ATADisk              0000 026282DA 
  0004  Audio CD 1           LEIS  FFBD .AppleCD              0000 0012F9F8 
  0005  Majesty 1.0          LEIS  FFBD .AppleCD              0000 000C27D5 
  000A  Cache                lEIS  FFBB .HDI                  0000 00019000 
  000B  MRJ Install          LEIS  FFBB .HDI                  0000 000072F0 
  #6 drives
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  dRef dNum Driver                      Flg  Ver   qHead  Stor/Ver Dely  Drvr at 
DCE at
  FFFD 0002 .Print                      bHO  #87 00000000 00000000 0000 01621610 
  FFFA 0005 .AIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 00BA11E0 
  FFF9 0006 .AOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 00BA12A0 
  FFF8 0007 .BIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 00BA1360 
  FFF7 0008 .BOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 00BA1420 
  FFF6 0009 .MPP                        bPO  #60 00000000 00000001 0000 00D4BC40 
  FFF5 000A .ATP                        bPO  #58 00000000 00EB06E0 0000 00D7DEA0 
  FFD7 0028 .XPP                        bPO  #58 00000000 00D7F0B0 0000 00E26870 
  FFD6 0029 .AFPTranslator              bPO   #0 00000000 00FAC820 003C 0111F570 
  FFCF 0030 .EDisk                      bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 003C FFCC2980 
  FFCE 0031 .LANDisk                    bPC   #1 00000000 00000000 0000 0012CD68 
  FFCD 0032 .Display_Rage128            bPO   #0 00000000 01.00b41 0000 00142DE8 
  FFCC 0033 .ATALoad                    bPO   #0 00000000 002AE8C0 0001 FFD9D900 
  FFCB 0034 .ATADisk                    bPO   #0 00000000 002B41C0 0065 002BE4AE 
  FFCA 0035 .ATADisk                    bPO   #0 00000000 002B3BF0 0065 002B607E 
  FFC9 0036 .i2c-uni-n                  bPO   #0 00000000 02.00f00 0000 00AF3438 
  FFC8 0037 .AGP                        bPO   #0 00000000 01.01f01 0000 00AF1AD8 
  FFC7 0038 .DAVAudio                   bPO   #0 00000000 01.21f00 0000 002F4578 
  FFC6 0039 .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 0045C878 
  FFC5 003A .i2c-mac-io                 bPO   #0 00000000 02.00f00 0000 00B24488 
  FFC4 003B .Display_Video_Apple_OffscÉ bPO   #0 00000000 01.00f00 0000 00AF4588 
  FFC3 003C .ASLM                       bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 00B36060 
  FFC2 003D .SLM                        bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 00CC1520 
  FFC1 003E .DSP                        bPO  #58 00000000 0144B700 0000 00E9ED80 
  FFC0 003F .swmdrvr                    bHO   #0 00000000 00004E1C 001E 00A20CC0 
  FFBF 0040 .Infra                      bPO  #21 00000000 00F0BC70 0000 01035130 
  FFBE 0041 .ipp                        bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 00EB7750 
  FFBD 0042 .AppleCD                    bPO   #0 00000000 004B1E3E 0078 00EE054E 
  FFBC 0043 .DVDRegMgr                  bHO   #0 00000000 00000000 0001 014E8EE0 
  FFBB 0044 .HDI                        bPO   #0 00000000 01437670 001E 014CAEE0 
  FFBA 0045 .ShrinkWrapª 3.5            bPO   #0 00000000 016212A0 000F 01675740 
  FFB9 0046 .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 00C05F78 
  #96 Unit Table entries, #32 in use, #64 free
 Displaying resource information:
  >   Map $0D5D7914, flags $0000, file $03F2 = MRJPlugin (4.X)
      Map $0CDE2558, flags $0000, file $006A = Netscape Communicatorª
      Map $0D5D7910, flags $0000, file $03E2 = MRJPlugin (4.X)
      Map $0D5D8364, flags $0000, file $0266 = Netscape Resources
   +  Map $000058E0, flags $001A, file $011E = Mac OS ROM
   +  Map $00005870, flags $801E, file $0003 = ¥ROM resources that override 
    S Map $00005A30, flags $200D, file $0002 = System
      Map $0161F484, flags $001C, file $029E = File Sharing Library
      Map $00004D78, flags $001C, file $0132 = Language Kit Preferences
      Map $00005824, flags $0014, file $013E = System Resources
      [Skipped $001F maps belonging to font files]
 (CurStackBase does not seem to apply...dumping 4K.)
  Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  0C90B480    PPC  0DE9892C  sysThreadGetBackPtr+00220
  0C90B440    PPC  0DE980B0  sysCalloc+0029C
  0C90B3A0    PPC  0DE8B79C  execute_java_dynamic_method+0003C
  0C90B360    PPC  0DE8C080  do_execute_java_method+005A0
  0C90B2B0    PPC  0DE99C04  mrjStackSpace+00100
  0C90B240    PPC  0DE8B740  InitializeExecEnv+001B8
  0C90B200    PPC  0DE891EC  DumpMonitors+02CCC
  0C90AE70    PPC  0CBDA2EC  Java_SymantecJITCompilationThread_DoCompileMethod+
  0C90AD70    PPC  0CBDBCE0  Java_SymantecJITCompilationThread_DoCompileMethod+
  0C90AD00    PPC  0DE99C04  mrjStackSpace+00100
  0C90AC90    PPC  0CBDBD3C  Java_SymantecJITCompilationThread_DoCompileMethod+
  0C90AC50    PPC  0DE848B0  NameAndTypeToHash+005C4
  0C90ABF0    PPC  0DE8D4F0  monitorEnter+00064
  0C90ABB0    PPC  0DE93EDC  sysMonitorEnter+00064
  0C90AB70    PPC  0DE99178  sysThreadExit+00588
  0C90A8F0    PPC  0DEC09BC  Java_sun_tools_debug_Agent_runMain_stub+00670
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   0C90AC68                PPC   0DEAA278 getStructInstanceSize+01048
   0C90AC58                PPC   0CBDBD3C 
   0C90AC4C                68K   0C90AD42
   0C90AC40                68K   0C90AD42
   0C90AC1C                68K   0DAD0B96
   0C90AC0C                68K   0DAD0B96
   0C90ABF8    0C90ABF0    PPC   0DE848B0 NameAndTypeToHash+005C4
   0C90ABF0                68K   0C90AC4E
   0C90ABE8    0C90ABE0    PPC   0DE99C04 mrjStackSpace+00100
   0C90ABE0                68K   0C90AC4E
   0C90ABD8                68K   0C7BACEE
   0C90ABD0                68K   0C90A9AE
   0C90ABB8    0C90ABB0    PPC   0DE8D4F0 monitorEnter+00064
   0C90AB78    0C90AB70    PPC   0DE93EDC sysMonitorEnter+00064
   0C90AB5C                68K   0C7BACEE
   0C90AB20                68K   0C90AB5E
   0C90AB08    0C90AB00    PPC   0DE83D94 makeslottable+01560
   0C90AAE8    0C90AAE0    PPC   0DE7F930 jio_snprintf+05E54
   0C90AAB8    0C90AAB0    PPC   0DE830B4 makeslottable+00880
   0C90AAA8    0C90AAA0    PPC   0DE860A0 EE+0000C
   0C90AA9C                68K   0C90AA9E
   0C90AA98    0C90AA90    PPC   0DE84390 NameAndTypeToHash+000A4
   0C90AA68    0C90AA60    PPC   0DE8D4B0 monitorEnter+00024
   0C90AA60    0C90AA5C    68K   0C90AA9E
   0C90AA5C                68K   0C90AA9E
   0C90AA58    0C90AA50    PPC   0DEAEB9C JRI_NewRuntime+0013C
   0C90AA48    0C90AA40    PPC   0CBD94F8 
   0C90AA34    0C90AA30    68K   0DAD0B96
   0C90AA28    0C90AA20    PPC   0DED1F8C ObjAlloc+003B0
   0C90AA18    0C90AA10    PPC   0E8E4714 
   0C90AA0C                68K   0DAD0B96
   0C90A9F8    0C90A9F0    PPC   0CBDD434 
   0C90A9F0                68K   0C90AA9E
   0C90A9EC                68K   0DAD0B96
   0C90A9D8    0C90A9D0    PPC   0DF0D93C JMURLCloseInputStream+00020
   0C90A9B8    0C90A9B0    PPC   0CBDA8C4 
   0C90A9AC                68K   0C90A9AE
   0C90A99C                68K   0DAD0B96
   0C90A990                68K   0C90ABD6
   0C90A96E                68K   00200C8E
   0C90A958    0C90A950    PPC   0E633964 MRJInputStream::Release()+00074
   0C90A910                68K   002CDE26
   0C90A908    0C90A900    PPC   0E62AEA8 MRJMonitor::~MRJMonitor()+00060
   0C90A8F8    0C90A8F0    PPC   0DE99178 sysThreadExit+00588
   0C90A8B8    0C90A8B0    PPC   0DEC09BC 
   0C90A898    0C90A890    PPC   0E627184 operator delete(void*)+00048
   0C90A88C                68K   0C90A88E
   0C90A888    0C90A880    PPC   0DF066B8 JMGetCurrentEnv+00044
   0C90A878    0C90A870    PPC   0E63588C NPN_MemFree+00020
 Displaying memory from sp
  0C90A870  0C90 A8B0 4400 0448  0E63 5890 0000 0000  ¥*¨°D¥¥H¥cX*¥¥¥¥
  0C90A880  0C90 A8C0 0DAA 82C0  0DF0 66BC 0C90 A890  ¥*¨À¥ª‚À¥ðf*¥*¨*
  0C90A890  0C90 A8F0 0DA9 F990  0E62 7188 0000 0000  ¥*¨ð¥©ù*¥bqˆ¥¥¥¥
  0C90A8A0  0C90 A8F0 0DAA 82C0  0C80 81C0 0C80 81C0  ¥*¨ð¥ª‚À¥€*À¥€*À
  0C90A8B0  0C90 A8F0 FFFF FFEB  0DEC 09C0 0DAB 9B88  ¥*¨ðÿÿÿë¥ì¥À¥«ðˆ
  0C90A8C0  0C90 A900 0DAB 6860  0D74 11A4 0000 0000  ¥*©¥¥«h`¥t¥€¥¥¥¥
  0C90A8D0  0000 0000 0DAA 82C0  0001 0000 0DAB 99D0  ¥¥¥¥¥ª‚À¥¥¥¥¥«™Ð
  0C90A8E0  0DAB 9B50 0DAB AAB8  0DAB 9A60 0DAB 9A50  ¥«ðP¥«ª¸¥«s`¥«sP
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  0039 9A60 003B FA08  ÿÁ¥¥ÿÁ¥¥¥9s`¥;ú¥
  00000010  003B FA0A 003B FA0C  FFC0 4A58 FFC0 4A5A  ¥;ú¥¥;ú¥ÿÀJXÿÀJZ
 Closing log

Comment 1

17 years ago
Reporter, Netscape product bugs do not get reported here.  However, since the
bug in Communicator is somewhat present here, I will modify it for the Mozilla
project.  Netscape has their own system for reporting bugs with their own
products @
This page does not crash build 2001010508 using Mac OS 9.0.4.  Loading each
individual app by clicking on the still frame to the left of the timeline applet
results in an "Applet error: Closing" in the status bar for the window opened.
When closing these windows, ocassionaly the following message appears:
"java.lang.NullPointerException" with an "OK" button to click.

The reporter states the following:  "The applets use LiveConnect to make
JavaScript calls that change the images to
the left of them."  This is not ocurring.

Nominating for mozilla1.0, confirming bug, and updating summary since reporter's
summary is based on his experience with Communicator 4.76, and the behavior is
different in Mozilla.
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: mozilla1.0
Summary: MRJ Plugin freezes with many applets on page → multiple applets not functioning correctly with MRJ Plugin

Comment 2

17 years ago
Terry can you please look at this one?


Assignee: edburns → tnoyes

Comment 3

17 years ago
qa: junruh
QA Contact: shrir → junruh

Comment 4

17 years ago
Works the same for me as it does on iCab 2.3 and IE 5.0.  Using moz 0.7,
mrjplugin 1.0b1, MacOS 9.1.  Picture to the left is not changing (that's a bug).
 Not seeing any crashing.


17 years ago
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 5

17 years ago
Worksforme. There is no freeze, and the page looks the same on Mac Netscape 
6 as with Netscape 6, Nav 4.77 and IE on WinNT, 

Comment 6

17 years ago


7 years ago
Component: Java: OJI → Java: OJI
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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