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Image corrupt or truncated: <unknown>


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Firefox 4.0 has introduced a helpless error message, 
   Image corrupt or truncated: <unknown>

For example,
with Firebug console enabled.

Not only don't we get a URL, but we don't get the containing window URL or line number. Moreover the code puts the string "<unknown>" in the error message where a URI belongs so Firebug gets an exception NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI.

The message is emitted by this line probably:
Firebug report:
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> we don't get the containing window URL 

Do you get the window id?  You should, and should be able to correlate that with the right window.

It's odd that "unknown" is ending up as the url....  Can you point me to a testcase that shows the problem?
Is window id supported in FF3.6?

testcase in original post.
This bug seems to crash Nightly occasionally. I encountered on the site I'm working (can't link to it, it's behind company's firewall) and the website linked above:

Sometimes I'm getting an error message in Firebug's console and sometimes it just crashes the browser upon page load (roughly in 70% of the cases).

I'm using Nightly: "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; rv:6.0a1) Gecko/20110426 Firefox/6.0a1" and Firebug 1.7.0.
I get this error on dial-up when I try to access, only I don't have the Firebug addon.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional with Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1.
This bug has nothing to do with Firebug. We are just re-printing the error message.
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This is not a bug in either Firefox or Firebug - it's actually a correct response in reading an image that has had it's extension changed from it's original saved format. 

In the same way that changing a jpeg's extension to ".gif" doesn't make it a gif, giving a png a ".ico" extension doesn't make it an icon file. 

If you are saving your favicons as a png and changing the extension to ico you will get this error message, if you save out your favicon using a program that can save images into the Windows Icon format you will not see the error.
These images are neither corrupted nor are they truncated. "<unknown>" is not a URL.  There is nothing correct about this message.
An image that has an extension different to the format it was saved out as is corrupted, as the encoding will be different. Although windows icon files are fairly similar to PNGs they are not exactly the same, hence the error.
This message is just extremely confusing. Especially since it's an error and not a notice - so it even confuses during debugging.

Besides that, I sometimes get this message instead of a real JavaScript error...
graham, if the meaning of the message is what you think it is, then at least, the message should be made clearer. As John wrote, "<unknown>" is not a URL. If you're right, then Firefox knows the cause of the problem and should state the path of the image and the reason for the error. Right now, this message is nothing but a confusing, time wasting noise.
I also spend 1/2 hour trying to figure this out. I now know what the potential cause is, but I don't know what image so I am not sure I can figure it out.

Please fix the error message to include the image that is evidently corrupt.
I am receiving this same error and I reduced it down to one image which is a .jpg format. I am pretty certain that the file is a jpeg. It loads up in Paint and IE just fine.
The same error message appears in Fx 15.0.1 in Firebug while on a web page few JPG images are not visible. The images are visible in Chrome in the same page and other JPGs from the page are visible. The only difference between visible JPGs and not visible (error "Image corrupt or truncated") is with images processed by jQuery script that adds a description to them. The page works offline from my hard drive while do not work online. It's strange...
I am experiencing this issue in Firefox v21.0 on OSX v 10.7.5.

I have tried ALL recommended fixes. double checked Favicon, re-rendered images that are showing as corrupted and still seeing the issue.

this is NOT a content issue, and not a structural or code issue with my page, definitely appears to be a legitimate BUG within firefox.
I actually just updated firefox on my PC to v21.0 as well and now seeing the same errors on a PC running windows Vista SP2.
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