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add accounts inside the panel


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See attachment 522780 [details] from bug 642684

We're interested in moving the settings page inside the panel instead of inside it's own tab as it is right now.  This bug should work through the various needs of the settings page and how that could be shifted into the panel UI.
See also bug 646243 for implementing the new share UI.  It might make sense for these to be the same depending on how they are implemented.
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> See also bug 646243 for implementing the new share UI.

Bug 646243 is this bug?!?
perhaps you meant bug 645802?
re-working this bug to be about adding accounts from the panel UI and offering a way to get to the greater management of settings in the preferences panel.
Summary: settings inside the panel → add accounts inside the panel
Blocks: 642684
James is going to take one this bug next week.  I'll try to get some more wireframes to finalize what needs to be in this panel page.  I'd appreciate any feedback you could give.

Here's some quick ASCII art to get things started.

|                                 |
|   Add: [ Sharing Account | v ]  |
|                                 |
|          _Sharing Preferences_  |
|                                 |

Clicking the drop down opens up all the sharing accounts currently available.

|                                 |
|   Add: [ Sharing Account | v ]  |
|        |                     |  |
|        | Twitter             |  |
|        | Facebook            |  |
|        | GMail               |  |
|        '---------------------'  |

Choosing a share account opens up an OAuth dialog for that account.  The Panel will hide because it loses focus during this process. The option menu should return to the default "Sharing Account" text; does not remain selected on the account type opened.  

On successful completion of the OAuth dance the Panel opens back up.  The panel displays the "Add Account" panel again in case the user wants to add another account.  

** Note ** We've tried this process in both directions where we returned people directly to the account they just created.  However many people wanted to add all of their accounts immediately which is inhibited by constantly switching people over to the account they just added.  There wasn't any observed improvement by swapping people over to the account they just created.

++ Issue ++ Certain account types (Facebook & LinkedIn) need to ensure people log out of their account before they can add more of that account type.  We offered a message in the account settings to let people know they would need to be logged out before they could add a new account.

This might mean we want to have an Add button which actually launches the OAuth dialog such that we could display a short logout warning message in this space.  The ( Add ) button might also make the action more explicit.

   [ Sharing Account | v ] ( Add )

   [ Facebook        | v ] ( Add )
   /Additional accounts require logout/

The _Sharing Preferences_ could continue to be the gear icon in the corner or could also be text.  This would open up the sharing preferences dialog to the sharing preference pane; closing the panel in the process.  I don't think the preferences option needs to be shown in panel pages, just this add {+} account page.
Assignee: nobody → jrburke
need to review the UX around this, it got changed recently
Assignee: jrburke → nobody
Component: Share: Web Client → F1
Product: Mozilla Services → Mozilla Labs
QA Contact: share-web-client → f1
The last time this was discussed, we decided this would be the best for now:

* the dropdown only shows installed webapps that support share
* the last item in the dropdown would take the user to a page on the store

|                                      |
|   Add: [ Sharing Account        v ]  |
|        |                          |  |
|        | Twitter                  |  |
|        | Facebook                 |  |
|        | GMail                    |  |
|        | Find more Share services |  |
|        '--------------------------'  |

As soon as selecting an item here, the user would be requested to login (most services still use oauth), and only then would the service show up in the icon list to the left.
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