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nsITraceableChannel.setNewListener() is unimplemented under e10s


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nsHttpChannelChild implements nsITraceableChannel but throws NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when nsITraceableChannel.setNewListener() is called (affects content scripts in Fennec 4.0 attempting to use that interface). From the look of it, there is no reason why this method doesn't work - this channel implementation has a stream listener that it will call in the usual way, no reason not to replace it.
Should work--it's fairly straightforward.  But e10s xpcshell test is failing.  Will look into it tomorrow.

I assume from the bug reporter's name that this is holding up Addblock Plus on fennec?
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Yes, the context of this report is bug 645678. I am releasing Adblock Plus 1.3.6 on Friday, it will no longer block redirects in Fennec 4 because of this bug. The alternative would be continuing to hold up garbage collection which IMHO is worse on a mobile device.
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Add setNewListener implementation to e10s

Looks good.  I didn't test the patch.  Please figure out what is wrong with the failing test you refer.  However, if we don't break existing Firefox functionality for Firebug with this, then let's land it.

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This is now landed on m-c.  With a little luck it'll be in the aurora merge for FF/fennec6.

Turns out test_traceable_channel was getting bit by an unrelated issue (see bug 648878).  Commented out unneeded localPort, etc., calls and test works fine.
Also needed bug 658939 for the test to work.
Depends on: 658939
Closed: 13 years ago
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Oh, the test changes were a separate patch:
FYI mobile folks--AdblockPlus needed this, hopefully it's in aurora 6
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