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Implement a safer way to enumerate nodes in the Property Panel


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Currently we just enumerate the DOM node properties of the unwrapped object, and we have heuristics in place since bug 632275 to check if the property has a non-native getter, so we can skip it. Still, a better approach would be to enumerate the xray wrapper first (trusting getters on that) and then enumerate the unwrapped object (not trusting getters).

This is a follow up bug report from bug 632275 comment 13.
As mentioned in bug 651501 comment 38 and later discussed in IRC, the solution in that bug should be safe for our current needs. In the not-too-distant future we may have an even better solution in the form of a "I want to get properties on that object, but don't ever run code belonging to that global ever" call, as Dave Camp mentioned. This call will be part of the jsdbg2 work and in that case we will make use of it, probably transparently if we move the console/inspector to use the remote debug protocol.
Closed: 10 years ago
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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