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Remove makefile.ref


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Not set





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We use for nearly everything. We probably don't need Makefile.ref anymore. This might involve porting the features over, if any exist which are useful, of which I'm not sure.
On the same "we don't seem to use this file" tangent, what about killing js/
There are a dozen files like this. I'm filing these because I'm not going to do them, and some will make [good first bug]s. Might be good to make a "delete old crap" meta.
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Maybe this would have made a [good first bug], not sure, but I'm stealing it because I've wanted to do it several times, because there's ancient cruft in there that always gives me false-positives while searching for markers for ancient dead code in the rest of the tree, since it built like it was 1999.

According to bug 462451, which put it back in, it's hanging on for two reasons, editline/readline and ICC PGO. Near as I can tell, bug 462004 took care of the former, and the latter is bug 511791, where Andreas went off to build ICC PGO on October 2, 2009, and hasn't been back since :) (I asked on irc, and he said "icc works ok with spidermonkey these days afaict," and if it was something we really needed to support and people actually used but it didn't work, I'd expect to see at least one metoo or a cc on that bug sometime since.)
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No objections.
The only docs on devmo I could find that didn't already say "ick, that stuff's ancient, you don't want that" was in, so I just fixed that.
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Take it away, Phil!
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Thank you once again, philor.

With this I think I owe you 93 beers. Save up for the yacht is my advice.
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