Cannot access to the statistics for my add-on

RESOLVED FIXED in 4.x (triaged)


8 years ago
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4.x (triaged)




8 years ago
I'm developer of extension "RSS Icon In Awesombar" ( and I tried to access to the statistics of my add-on ( from list of my add-ons (

* "You do not have access to that add-on."

This is just one extension where I see this problem.

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7 years ago
true not only for non reviewed addons, but also for addons with prelim review (at least).
There is some odd behavior related to that stats page. I can go to the add-on's edit page and from there access the stats page just fine, including the localized version. However, if I try to visit the page from the link in this bug, it will give me the access error message. Reloading tabs where I had the stats page opened also shows the error.
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → Q2 2011
Target Milestone: Q2 2011 → 4.x (triaged)
Target Milestone: 4.x (triaged) → 6.1.6
This happens if remora forgot about your session but zamboni still remembers it (remora drops your session if your User Agent changes!). Logging out and logging in should give you access to the stats page.

Killing the old stats pages will fix this. Sorry we suck.
Target Milestone: 6.1.6 → 4.x (triaged)
Jeff, thanks for the workaround! 

You're brilliant. Could you put a link or description on the error page for the workaround:

You do not have access to that addon.

If you know are you are the addon owner, <a href="logout">please logout</a> to start a fresh session. I will forward this to the list.
(In reply to Axel Grude from comment #4)
>  I will forward this to the list.
this: "the workaround"
the list: I meant AMO Editors and AMO Editors internal 

apologies for the fuzzyness :p
New stats pages are scheduled to go out tomorrow which fix all session problems and are a lot nicer.
new pages are out.
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3 years ago
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