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tabs.onActivate not fired when switching window


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The tabs.onActivate event isn't fired when switching from window to window and there is no window.onActivate event.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
tabs.on('activate', function(tab) { 
   console.log("Tab activated!); 

1. Open a first window : event not fired (bug
2. Open a tab : event fired -> OK
3. Open a new window : event fired -> OK
4. Go back to first window : event not fired. Active tab is still the tab from the 2nd window.

Expected Results:  
Either the tabs.onActivate event should fired or a new windows.onActivate should be fired. The active tab should also be the one with the focus and not the one from the second window.
See Also: → 641396
See Also: → 648241
See Also: 648241
See Also: → 648244
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Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
Irakli: do you see this as well?
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Also while working on this bug, I realized that emulating close / activate / deactivate events (gecko does not emits those events when window is closed / another window gets active) is not a good idea as we originally thought. Mainly because extensions will be mislead. Good example of this can be a panorama that builds alternative view associated with open tabs. If tab is closed view changes and associated metadata get's removed. Doing similar thing with our API, will not
be possible as metadata associated with tab would've gone away when app is closed as all the windows are closed and we would have emulated tab close events.

I would suggest moving away from this approach. I think it's better if we would expose "window.onActivate" and stop emulating "close" events.
(In reply to comment #3)
> I would suggest moving away from this approach. I think it's better if we
> would expose "window.onActivate" and stop emulating "close" events.

This sounds like the right approach to me.
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a couple of nits noted on pull-request, but core changes look fine, r=me.
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