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Non-functioning and confusing UI for keyboard shortcuts


(Penelope Graveyard :: Mail Window, defect)

Windows Vista
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Eudora OSE 1.0.1


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Keyboard shortcuts that appear with right-click on message don't work.  For example, right-click a message and see Mark (with the k underlined) but ctrl-K doesn't bring this up.  Then next menu includes Add Star with the S underlined but no way to use keyboard to add a star.  Also there seems to be multiple shortcuts for the same key combinations, for example ctrl-K (see above) and also is for create new contact.

Reproducible: Always
Underlines don't indicate keyboard shortcuts. They indicate menu accelerators. That is, if you're in a menu and see an underlined letter, press that key (and only that key) to activate the item.

If you're looking for keyboard shortcuts to be used outside of the menus, they aren't listed in the context menus, but in the main menus at the top of the window (e.g. the Message menu).
Thanks for explaining that.  Now, how about adding Mark (that you get in a right-click on a message) to the main menu so it can be accessed via a keyboard shortcut?
It should already be there.

Note that if you're using Thunderbird 3.3, the shortcut isn't displayed, but it's "M". There's not an easy way to show it, since there are two menu items (mark read and mark unread), and "M" toggles between the two. This doesn't apply to versions before 3.3, though.
Thanks again.  But I'm using Eudora 1.0 OSE
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