Switch-to-tab occurs even after input has changed from the match




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Steps to reproduce:
1) Start typing in the URL bar such that a switch-to-tab match appears.
2) Focus that match using the keyboard.
3) Press opt+delete (or whatever keyboard shortcut deletes a word).
4) With the option key released, the switch-to-tab label remains in the URL bar.
5) Press enter.

Expected results:
The switch-to-tab label did not remain in the URL bar before pressing enter.
The tab was navigated to the entered URL.

Actual results:
The tab was not navigated.
Firefox switched to the tab corresponding to the now invalid match.

Feel free to rename the bug to make it clearer.
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It looks like _value is only updated when you highlight an entry in the popup, not when you type or remove text in the text field.  So, after step 3 in comment 0, _value remains the value of the highlighted STT autocomplete result, so when _clearNoActions passes _value to _parseActionUrl, _parseActionUrl returns a STT.

I noticed that after step 3 the popup loses its selection.  This patch just checks if the popup still has a selection after keyup.  If not, it doesn't try to re-set any action.  Seems like the autocomplete controller should set the input's value when the popup's selection is lost just as it does when the selection changes, which would set _value to the visible value and get rid of the action.

I also noticed that if you repeat steps 2 and 3, i.e., if you do 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, the entry remains highlighted and the text in the field doesn't match it.  That seems like a separate bug.
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lousy patch

(In reply to comment #1)
> I noticed that after step 3 the popup loses its selection.  This patch just
> checks if the popup still has a selection after keyup.

This seems to only be true if the deleting results in the selected item being removed from the list - if it doesn't, the selection remains. So this isn't really a good solution. This explains your "repeat 2-3" results too, I think - when you delete something you make the list less specific (broader search), so when you go and select an entry from _that_ list and delete something from it, you're back at the generic result set, so the item you selected hasn't been filtered out.
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Duplicate of this bug: 753494
See Also: 594122, 610761
I get bit by this almost every single day.
Taking it to ease personal pain while stubbornly not changing workflow.
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I won't have time to work on this unfortunately.
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