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Add a checkbox to Get In Touch form to subscribe to about:mozilla newsletter


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People use the Get In Touch form on the Get Involved pages to express interest in getting involved with Mozilla.  The about:mozilla newsletter is a useful resource for these people since it includes regularly updated information about contribution opportunities.

We can let people opt-in to subscribe to this newsletter by adding a checkbox in the Get In Touch form.  I added one on staging, but it's not hooked up to anything (we also need to get the text reviewed).

This could reuse the subscription functionality for the current about:mozilla newsletter sign-up page at

If anyone is interested in taking this bug, I'm happy to help get the patch on stage for testing and then getting it through the review process to make it live.
This makes me happy!
The code for the Get Involved page is at

The Get In Touch form is pulled in to the page from an include and the code for the include is at

The code for the existing about:mozilla subscription page is at

If someone wants to make changes to these files, I can help test this on our staging site at:

Changes to this file can be attached to this bug.  Feel free to either edit the file and post the whole new file here or you can read about how to create a patch at

If there are any questions about this or if you need additional information, please comment in this bug.
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There is also documentation about hooking into Responsys, our system that hosts subscription information, at
James, would you be able to add this Responsys opt-in on this form?  If not, can you let me know who else has the relevant experience with Responsys?

Would it be helpful for you to schedule this in with the milestone system being used for bugs?  If so, Laura suggested assigning this for the 3.1 release initially and we can change as needed.

For background, Craig Cook has done the front-end work on stage to add the opt-in to the form so we just need to have this data sent to Responsys.

Target Milestone: --- → 3.1
Hey David, yes, I can help get it working! We just need to copy the Responsys PHP library and process the form so that it uses it. It's not too complicated. We also need to tell IT to set a config value (the Responsys auth key) on the live site before roll the form live.

It definitely helps to put a milestone on it. I'll try to adjust my queries to include component too.
James, cool.  Thanks for the help with this.

The milestone is 3.1 right now, but feel free to let me know if we need to change it to reflect other changes to the roadmap.
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Steven, if there is enough information available about the new web-service for handling newsletter subscriptions to know when we can use it for this bug, could you update the milestone information so we can track when it will go out?  Ideally we could get this in during Q3.  Thanks.
The new pref center is going live this week - should be able to hook this up after that. Adding milestone 3.12.
Target Milestone: 3.1 → 3.12
Depends on: 687890
Target Milestone: 3.12 → 4.0
Target Milestone: 4.0 → 4.1
Pinging for an update on this bug.  The target milestone says 4.1 -- has that release already happened?  If so, is there a new target milestone for this bug?
Sorry for the lack of updates - the pref center is slowly moving through but we're really hoping to launch it later this week or early next week. It will be easier to hook up the forms then.
Target Milestone: 4.1 → 4.3
Target Milestone: 4.3 → 4.4
Target Milestone: 4.4 → 4.6
Target Milestone: 4.6 → 4.7
I would absolutely love to try and tackle this as my first bug. Are you all still looking to get it fixed? David, I haven't contributed code to Mozilla yet, but working on getting the patch put together now. I'll let you know if I have any questions!
Connor, great, I'm glad to hear you're interested in this bug.  If you have a patch, we can ask sgarrity to review it.

It may also turn out that this isn't a great bug to get started with since from my understanding the integration with our email system can be tricky.  If you decide you'd like to try out a different bug, I'd be happy to help you find another one.
This bug shouldn't be too hard. We finally pushed basket live, our web service for managing subscriptions.

Connor, you need to make a POST to our basket service at to subscribe somebody. You can view more about this service here:

And here is a PHP library you can use:

You can just hook up a call to BasketService::subscribe in the form processing loop and you should the good. You'll probably have some questions about this but feel free to take a whack at it and ask them here.
Thank you James and David!

All of this is making great sense. Seems like I'll just need to have another input with a type of checkbox and name of subscribe in that form, then hit the basket service with the value (or, at least I think).

Where can I find the code for this though? I saw the links in previous comments, but I guess I wanted to see the styles and the rendered site and how they all fit together, too. I see, and will have that checkout while I grab some sleep tonight (expecting it to take a while). I see there's a /contribute directory in there. Is that the best place to grab the code, make the changes, then post the diffs/patches up here for review?

For all of my fellow Americans in here - Happy Thanksgiving!
Connor, here are a couple of the relevant links.

The form itself is in

The CSS files are in

Let us know if you have any other questions about this.
Connor and/or James, any update on this newsletter opt-in bug?
Depends on: 731369
Closing.  This is now on the Bedrock version of the Get Involved page.
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