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remote jsreftests fail because user.js forces prompt for elevatedprivileges


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we hang when running jsreftests on device after adding in user.js to the profile.  I have a patch that will work for remote only that will add the remote ip:port to the safe list.
Whiteboard: [mobile_unittests]
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this passes on try server
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add remote server permissions (1.0)

09:11 <@ctalbert> jmaher: I don't see much in here that will tip you off: 
09:12 <@ctalbert> Well even jsreftest under buildbot specifies the --extra-profile-file option twice
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09:12 <@ctalbert> and reftest and crashtest specify it once
09:12 <@ctalbert> (in buildbot)
09:12 <@ted> hah
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09:13 <@ted> jmaher: i would suggest just adding a --enable-privilege flag for now
09:13 <@ted> and maybe we can fix it to use SpecialPowers soon
09:14 <@ctalbert> jmaher: Since this is on the python side, why not just add a remote option 
                  --jsreftest (that defaults to false) and use that to gate this bit of 
                  functionality?  It'd require a small change to bear and aki's code but it'd be a 
                  lot cleaner
09:15  * ctalbert likes ted's suggestion better, but it still will impact aki/bear's code a little, 
          but I don't really see another way to handle it without doing that.
09:15 <@ted> yeah
09:15 <@ted> unless you can convince dbaron that all reftests ought to be able to access 
09:15 <@ted> hard sell, given that we're trying to phase it out
09:16 <@ctalbert> yeah, since this is shortterm, I'drather just keep it in the remotereftest side 
                  of the coin for now
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09:16  * ctalbert puts this discussion in the bug.

Let's go with Ted's suggestion for the moment, and only put this in the remotereftest side to get these tests live in automation.  Please file a follow-on bug to remove enable-privilege from jsreftest entirely (both remote and non-remote) as that is something we'll have to do in short order.
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updated to require --enable-privilege to make this work.  Only affects the remote harness.
Assignee: nobody → jmaher
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add remote server permissions (2.0)

r+ with a follow on bug to fix jsreftest's use of enable privilege.  Because that is a runway that is fast running out of tarmac.
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filed bug 650121 to handle removal of enablePrivilege from jsreftest harness + tests.

bear/aki: in order to run jsreftests, we will need to add the --enable-privilege command line option
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