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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Today, I updated from Minefield to Nightly using the regular app update, but the icon remained the Minefield icon. I had to either killall -9 Dock or touch the Minefield bundle; I don't know which actually told OS X that the icon had changed.


7 years ago
Version: 1.9.2 Branch → Trunk
The Minefield bundle gets touched (we now add a file to the root of the ,app which updates the timestamp and we have code that touches the .app) already after update so it is more likely killall -9 Dock.
btw: are other Mac users seeing this?

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7 years ago
My mac nightly changed icons fine (in the doc even)
Mine changed as well (10.6.7). What version of OSX are you on, Joe?

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7 years ago
Mine did not change until I quit the browser and restarted it myself (10.6.7).

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7 years ago
10.6.7 also.
It didn't for me... the bundle's icon in Applications was updated but the dock icon wasn't. Logging off and logging back in didn't fix it and rebooting didn't fix it.

We had a similar problem on Windows and if this is fixed I would very much prefer it if this was fixed in a similar manner. The updater has the ability to launch a platform specific binary (only Windows and Mac atm but it would be easy to add Linux support) after a successful update to perform post update actions.
I can't remember exactly how much useful information there is in them, but I do know that there are bugs from both the Thunderbird->Shredder and the Whatever->Minefield switches, that this was totally to be expected.
Yea, we changed the updater to touch the bundle to essentially deal with the case that shredder was experiencing... there is also a new file in the root dir which essentially does the same thing.
Started up Mac OS X today and the icon was the old Minefield icon. I clicked it in the dock and it immediately changed to the new icon.
Seeing this in bug 654853 with Aurora/Beta too - basically seems to be always off by one. Restarting on the apply doesn't change icon but quitting and restarting from the dock makes the change happen.
Actually, bug 654853 is different. With this bug the icon didn't change after restarting Firefox and for me it didn't change after OS restart... it did change after shitting down and starting the OS. I suspect that in Joe's case that he used killall -9 Dock instead of touching the Minefield bundle since I have yet to see a report where the app bundle in the application directory wasn't changed and we already touch the app bundle when performing an update
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