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enable color correction for reftests


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many of the reftest fail in fennec because we disable color correction.  in the short term, i think we just want that preference to be set to true.  In the future, when we have ogl composition, it think we will want to again reenable color correction.
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patch v.1

bah... ignore the change to mobile/app/mobile.js.
I don't like that we are modifying the reftest extension here.  At first I wanted to put this in the remote subclass harness, but if we are running on desktop linux, we need it in the main stuff.  

Another thing I am concerned about is how this will affect desktop firefox testing?  Changing preferences perks my regression ears up.  Is this preference a mobile only pref?
we could add the prefs in here:

The good thing about this is we don't need to bug releng when we want to change the prefs.  Bad thing is we have to check something into the tree and it would affect all reftest harnesses (reftest/crashtest/jsreftest) on all platforms.

alternatively --set-pref "gfx.color_management.mode=2" from the commandline.  One thing about this is if we have 5 or 6 preferences for fennec, then the command line would become a bit too long.  Also we would need releng to change the cli for each pref we need to toggle as we find new ones.

The last option is something we do for jsreftests is an --extra-profile-file=user.js.  This would copy user.js into the default generated profile and any prefs we set in there would be added to the browser upon startup.  This would allow us a list of preferences and we could only include that for fennec builds.  This is a hybrid of requiring releng support and checking into the tree.  Personally I like it best.
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> we could add the prefs in here:

No, see . should not be required to run the reftest harness.
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patch v.1

r=dbaron on the reftest-cmdline.js change.
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this passes on try server.
thanks david.
Duplicate of this bug: 648148
does this patch need updating or just landing?
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