Can not move HTML table that was pasted to beginning of HTML reply



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I went to this page and copied the entire Brazil row to the clipboard. I then replied to an e-mail in HTML mode. I pasted at the beginning of the e-mail. After I do this, I can not insert a carriage return in front of this pasted table.

Reproducible: Always

I'd like to see for us to be able to navigate to the front of this table and be able to insert carriage returns if we want.


8 years ago
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5 years ago
This is indeed a problem.

Testcase (from Bug 817986, which may have similar cause but describes a different problem):

1. Select the text in the first line of the table on the testcase page and copy
2. Paste the text into a new e-mail on the first line.

It is not possible to place the cursor before the HTML table or after the HTML table. 

My fixed-width/preformat signature is on the next line, meaning there is no place to put the cursor where there is variable-width Body Text format. The workaround is kludgy:

3. Put cursor at start of signature
4. Add 4 carriage returns
5. Select the first 3 lines thus added and set them to Body Text format (but not the third, otherwise it will also change the format of your signature and merge the text into one line)
(5.1: Aside: the cursor/selection isn't showing when I select empty lines, though it might be my various add-ons. I have to put the cursor in the first line after the table, then use the keyboard to select down to the first character of my signature and work backwards 3 or 4 left arrows. TB24.4.0, OSX 10.8.5)
6. Set the selected text to "body text"
7. Select the text in the table in the e-mail and cut it (the table will remain in place)
8. Put the cursor in the second line after the table and paste the table.
9. Put the cursor in the first table and use the (x) button to delete the row/table.

It's very finnicky to change the paragraph format of the lines between the table and the signature to get all of the lines without changing the format of the signature, which makes this bug particularly annoying to work with.


3 years ago
See Also: → bug 817986
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