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Update SeaMonkey website for 2.0.14 release


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #617983 +++

For making SeaMonkey 2.0.14 public, we'll need to update the website.

This can happen once mirror saturation is good enough, though it's usually a good idea to also have final_verification run and OK before going public on the website.

Jens, we can have these prepared at any time before release day, as we discussed ;-)
For the steps to be taken later, see the bug for the last release.

Following steps done (change first line for next release):

* > THISBUG=650606; OLDREL=2.0.12; CURREL=2.0.13
* > cp -a src/releases/index.en.html src/releases/$CURREL.en.html
* Edit src/releases/$CURREL.en.html:
  - Copy everything from start to <div class="key-point"> from $OLDREL.en.html
    (replacing everything from start to <div class="key-point"> in
    $CURREL.en.html). Then replace the value of the smversion var on top
    and the <p class="release-date"> with the correct $CURREL values (to be
    found below <!-- Begin releases block -->).
  - Remove the commented out parts inside the <h2 id="contrib"> section
  - Remove everything from the <h2><a name="[% betaversion %]">, including the
    <hr>, up to the end of <div class="para" id="old"> at the bottom.
* Verify that diff to $OLDREL.en.html is only what needs to be (language
  additions and removals are possible, as well as class odd/even changes due to
* > cvs add src/releases/$CURREL.en.html
* > cvs ci -m "Bug $THISBUG - Add archive page for $CURREL" \

RCS file: /www/seamonkeyproject-org/src/releases/2.0.13.en.html,v
Checking in 2.0.13.en.html;
/www/seamonkeyproject-org/src/releases/2.0.13.en.html,v  <--  2.0.13.en.html
initial revision: 1.1
Assignee: nobody → jh
Attached patch patchSplinter Review
Feel free to check in if it's OK, or leave it to me. Just want to have someone

Attaching a patch to make the pushing independent from my availability at the

The steps below can be *prepared* before release day but the checkin should
only be done once mirror saturation is good and final_verification is OK.

* > OLDREL=2.0.13; THISREL=2.0.14
* Edit src/releases/index.en.html:
  - Update <p class="release-date"> to $THISREL release day.
  - [If adding a new locale like Finnish (fi): add the locale and
    redo odd/even classes for following locales in the list.]
  - [If not done in previous step: Add the $OLDREL release to the
    <div class="para" id="old"> at the bottom of the page.]
* Edit src/news.en.xml:
  - Copy the <entry> block from the last stable release to the top of
  - Change showfront attribute of the last stable release to false so that only
    the newest stable and milestone release appear on the front page.
  - Change the new copied entry to the $THISREL release day as ID and update the
    version number in the headline and announcement text (content).
* [If adding a new locale like Finnish (fi): edit src/download.jst so that its
  "fi" line matches other released locales that don't have a beta out.]
* Edit lib/config.tmpl:
  - Update releaseversion to $THISREL.
* Edit lib/sitemap.xml:
  - Copy and change the <page url="releases/index"> block so that $OLDREL has
    its own one and the /index one is for $THISREL.
* Edit src/releases/seamonkey$THISREL/index.en.html:
  - Remove the <div class="important"> that talks about beta testing.

As I said, wait for being ready to really go public with the release before
checking those changes in, they are the actual push that makes it known to the
world and counts as "we released".
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Release date got postponed, I'm modifying locally though, and will push momentarily.
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pushed the website changes live, though site is not updated yet as of me closing this.

Sending out announcements anyway though.
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(In reply to comment #3)
> Release date got postponed, I'm modifying locally though, and will push
> momentarily.

I know all that really counts is the result, but does this little nit really justify r-? Looks strange to see a bug fixed with only an r- patch on it. :-/
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