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Focus problem in TSF support with Windows speech recognition


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Text can be dictated from Windows speech recognition application into a text field such as the "Additional Comments" field on this thread *but only if dictation is continuous*.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Dictate a short phrase into a text field field.  The phrase is

Pause for a few seconds.

Dictate again.  The new dictation is printed.

Pause for a few seconds

Dictate again.  Nothing happens

The field has apparently lost the focus of the speech recognition application
and it can only be regained by manually deleting all the text in the field.

The effect can also be seen by pasting some text into an empty field and then
trying to dictate into it.

Typing into an empty field and then dictating into it allows this initial
dictation to be printed but the field then loses focus.
Actual Results:  
Described above

Expected Results:  
The text should appear in the field regardless of whether or not there are pauses in dictation.

Similar problem in Thunderbird
Blocks: 478029
OS: Windows 7 → All
Component: General → Disability Access APIs
QA Contact: general → accessibility-apis
Component: Disability Access APIs → Widget: Win32
QA Contact: accessibility-apis → win32
I cannot reproduce this with "音声認識" of Win 8.1. Can you still reproduce this bug?
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I must confess I had forgotten all about this. I am now using Windows 7 and DragonDictate.

I have turned on Windows speech recognition and tried to dictate this into "Additional Comments" but the field is not recognised. This may be because I don't have TSF turned on and I cannot now remember how to do this, (I am not a programmer). If you can remind me how to turn on TSF I will try again..
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1. Enter "about:config" into URL bar and type Enter key.
2. Confirm the warning page about changing settings.
3. Type "tsf" in the editor.
4. Double click "intl.tsf.enable" and make it "true".
5. Restart Firefox.

Then, it becomes in TSF mode.
OK, I can now dictate into a text field in Firefox.

In Internet explorer a dictation box is opened.

In Chrome, (now my default browser), the field is simply not recognised.

Maybe I have to enable TSF in these browsers?  If so, could you tell me how?
Perhaps, IE 11 on Win8.1 uses TSF. I'm not sure IE 11 on Win7. IIRC, IE 10 or older doesn't use TSF.

Chrome has TSF mode. It's enabled from command line flag "--enable-text-services-framework". You need to change shortcut property of Chrome like |"C:\Users\foobar\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe" --enable-text-services-framework|. I.e., append " --enable-text-services-framework" end of the target (I'm not sure what's the label of this on property dialog of shortcut on en-US Windows).

TSF is also used on Word, Wordpad, .net applications and store applications.

However, the important thing for now is, whether you can input text with speech input on Firefox.
Thanks for your help.

I can confirm that I can now input text with speech on Firefox, Word and's WordPad
Thank you for your report and confirmation. This bug must be fixed by redesign of our TSF implementation.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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