Turkish characters not recognized in Firefox 4 when using Verdana or Trebuchet




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In the page I provided you'll see a short Turkish text. The title (h1-element) should read what it says in the title-tag as displayed on top of the browser frame. 

As you notice the characters in the page are not readible, but in the title-tag (on top of the browser frame) they're displayed correctly.

This behaviour occurs when using the fonts Trebuchet MS and Verdana, two frequently used fonts. Sometimes they change with each refresh, but never in the correct way.

In Firefox 3.6 the h1-element is displayed correctly, as in Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE8. So it must be a bug specifically related to Firefox 4.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a simple html-page
2. Copy-paste the text provided in the link:
Title (used in title tag and h1): Sense: ağiz yaralari i̇çi̇n devri̇msel fi̇lm bant!
Body (p): Sense eriyen film bant teknolojisi sayesinde ağız yaralarının tedavisi için yeni, devrimsel ve son derece etkin bir üründür. Aktif film teknolojisi sayesinde After remesense ağız yaralarında, diş protezlerinden meydan gelen tahrişlerde ve yanak ısırmalarında ağrıyı hızla dindirir ve iyileşme sürecine olumlu katkıda bulunur.
3. Apply the folliwing CSS:
body{font: 0.9em arial, sans-serif;		}
h1{margin: 0 0 12px;font: bold 1.6em "trebuchet ms", arial, verdana, sans-serif;color: #d61601;text-transform: uppercase;text-align: left;}
4. Or just download the provided page.
Actual Results:  
The text in the h1-element shows strange behaviour.

Expected Results:  
Text should be displayed as it is displayed in the title tag (as can be seen on top of the browser frame).

It's occuring on the OS platform (MacOSX 10.5.6) and in the browser I'm reporting this bug with.

Comment 1

8 years ago
If it doesn't look suspicious the first time (just some extra spaces), refresh the page. The text in the h1-tag will collide dramatically, some characters will even be unrecognizable. Moreover: characters will appear that weren't even used in the original text.
Version: unspecified → 4.0 Branch

Comment 2

8 years ago
It happens to Arial as well. Screen: http://minkworks.be/deleteMe/turkish-characters-firefox-4-0-1.png

Comment 3

a year ago
I can't reproduce this on Firefox 60 on Windows 10.

The title provided (Sense: ağiz yaralari i̇çi̇n devri̇msel fi̇lm bant!) is broken, and it includes non-Turkish characters. Body text, on the other hand, looks perfectly fine on the page I've created.

(I understand that this is a very old bug and the test URLs are already dead. I've been reviewing bugs related to the Turkish language. Maybe we should close this one.)
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