doesn't show "Wear this Persona" when using Phony - requires restart



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"Wear this Persona" not shown

(1) Have Personas and Phony add-ons installed, set Phony to anything but "default"
(2) go to and click on a persona

Result: "Wear this Persona" option does not show. Instead button "Get Personas with Firefox" is shown. Persona can't be selected
Expected: "Wear this Persona" button shows that would install the Persona

(3) change Phony back to "default"
(4) reload and click on a persona

Result: same issue as above

(5) Restart Firefox
(6) go to

NOW the "Wear this Persona" option shows.
I'm seeing the issue as well; Fabrice this sounds like a problem with interop between the Personas add-on and
What I see is that when switching back to the "default" user agent and reloading the personas page, it displays first "Wear this personas", but then turns back to "Get Personas with Firefox". This is probably a server side or cache issue with the js code of
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What is the user agent you're using when you don't see the "wear this" option?
I was using the iPhone UA.
(In reply to comment #4)
> I was using the iPhone UA.

I assume that's safari?

So, you're going to with something that isn't Firefox and you're seeing a button that says "this only works on Firefox."  What's the bug here?
No Will, I'm not using Safari, but a fennec add-on to change the UA :
You're changing the UA to tell the site you are running Safari on an iPhone...

If you still think this is a problem please paste in the exact UA you are using.
Will, there is some misunderstanding here. The STR are these:

1) launch fennec, go to
2) check that "Wear this persona" is displayed
3) Using the Phony add-on, change your UA to iphone
4) Reload, check that "Get Personas with Firefox" is displayed
5) Change the UA back to "default"
6) reload the page

Expected : "Wear this persona"

Result : "Get Personas with Firefox"

This should not happen since in step 6) we are using the Fennec default UA.
Can you attach the request/response headers?
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first request (step 2)
Created attachment 536322 [details]
iphone UA (step 4)
Created attachment 536323 [details]
back to default UA (step 6) has been retired.  More information at
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