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Change showfor semantics and add = operator


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For Firefox versions, we need to change the behavior of showfor in the following ways:

* {for fx4} now means "For Firefox 4 *and up*"
* {for =fx4} now means "For Firefox 4 *only*"
* {for fx35} is a special case that still means Firefox 3.5-3.6.

Future versions will follow the fx4 pattern, e.g.: {for fx5} will mean "For Firefox 5 and up"

This will involve a whole lot of python and JS hacking. Team, assemble!
Assignee: nobody → erik
We'll also need to special case {for fx3} to be =fx3, for now. See bug 651220 comment 6.
No longer depends on: 651220
Looking at the fx development schedule, we'll have a few articles that we'll need to update for fx5 by the end of May. It will be great to have this by then or I guess the plan B would be to call out Fx5 differences in the Fx4 articles.
Ideally this would be great to have in 2.8.4 if possible. That would give us a week to finalize articles with this markup before giving them to localizers.
Target Milestone: 2011Q2 → 2.8.4
2.8.4 is not remotely realistic. It's freezing on Wednesday morning and this is a huge, huge change that hasn't--or has barely--gotten started.
Target Milestone: 2.8.4 → 2011Q2
Target Milestone: 2011Q2 → 2.9
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Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Verified correct behavior for showfor fx 35, 4, 5- unable to verify fx3 as the menu item has been removed [will re-verify if another method for testing comes up].
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