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Consider accessing different web content based on Firefox release channel


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Can I instead suggest directly versioning content, specifying the version in code (with a pref, perhaps), and bumping that version as appropriate (perhaps prior to merges)?

It's a similar model, but offers three advantages:

1. Someone who persists in running some old snapshot doesn't accidentally keep pace with (possibly incompatible) changes in server content, simply by virtue of being on that channel. For example, if I keep running Firefox 5, I'm on the "release" channel... which is serving content for Share built in to Firefox 8. Oops.

2. You can rev versions more frequently than channel merge intervals, if you wish. (In this respect it's similar to a Sync storage version.)

3. You can deploy new server versions and test them prior to dumping all of a channel's users onto it, without having to rely on different sets of servers.
Note that you can also apply the channel as a parameter on the request, or a subdirectory, whatever works best for your server-side code. This will allow you appropriate branding, minor tweaks.

The important part of my suggestion is that it shouldn't be the only attribute.
Yes, I think the idea is to serve up different directories from the web and just change the default prefs on the client. I was too lazy to spell all that out, so thanks for doing that for me ;)
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