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Bugzilla Upgrade Regressions tracking bug (2011-04-23 upgrade)


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This bug is to track any regressions found as a result of the upgrade on April 23rd, 2011.  Bugs meeting that description should be filed as blockers of this bug.
Alias: bmo-regressions-1104
Depends on: 652326
Depends on: 652338
Bug 652336 is a MySQL ACLs issue for a read-only account the metrics team uses (in case anyone's wondering why it's restricted).  Not a security bug, nothing to worry about. ;)
Depends on: 652343
Depends on: 652351
Depends on: 652381
Depends on: 652389
Depends on: 652392
Depends on: 652405
Depends on: 652404
Depends on: 652410
Depends on: 652413
I can't seem to change my votes.  I have a vote against 377087 and it looks as if I can allocate more than one vote per bug but the form that does that ( has a field which seems to imply that I can give more than one vote per bug but that field is a checkbox:
"            <td>Enter New Vote here &rarr;</td>
            <td align="right"><a name="vote_377087">
                  <input type="checkbox" name="377087" value="1" checked id="bug_377087">

The voting help page is very clear that I ought to be able to give more than one vote per bug:

I think this is a bug in bugzilla or the Mozilla implementation of it.  I hope I'm reporting it in the right place.  Redirect me if I'm not.

In reply to comment #2:
This is not the right place but I'm going to give the answer here in the hope of closing this particular debate. Developers, sorry for the bugspam.
On some other Bugzilla installations (e.g. it is possible to vote more than one time per bug, and there the "number of votes" is an input box. At it has never been possible to vote more than one time per bug, and here you get a checkbox: ticked, one vote; unticked, zero votes. Add a vote to a bug by clicking (vote) near the top of the bug, ticking the checkbox on the next page, scrolling to the bottom, then "Change My Votes". Remove a vote from a bug by going to then untick the appropriate checkbox, scroll to the bottom, and "Change My Votes".
Depends on: 652419
Depends on: 652426
Depends on: 652427
Depends on: 652433
Thank you Tony "rarely reads bugmail" Mechelynck for reading this and replying but oh dear, oh dear: this is typical of the experience I get from trying to submit and help bug clearance in TB.  I went to report what is a bug with your implementation of bugzilla going to the place that was flagged as the place to report a problem with this version of bugzilla.  I reported the bug (it IS a bug: your voting page and your voting help page tell things quite contrary to your wishes - it would involve only trivial tweaking of the voting page HTML code and the text of the help page to correct that).  

I am left with the clear impression that the bug will remain unfixed. 

To make that worse, I get told I am in the wrong place (but I followed an obvious link someone in the mozilla/TB team had put there) and that I am in a "debate" (I see no debate) and that I'm part of a bugspam (I had no intention of spamming you).  Your answer then tells me something I'd worked out already (how to pull back a vote, not something I'd asked about at all).  You don't tell me where I _SHOULD_ report the bug leaving me little option but to continue here.

I'm sorry but for me TB has what look like near lethal problems with its relationship with its user community and its design and bug fixing.
In reply to comment #4: Chris Evans, check your Inbox.
Depends on: 652444
Depends on: 643910
Depends on: 652462
Depends on: 652400
Depends on: 652437
Depends on: 652482
Depends on: 652512
Depends on: 652553
Depends on: 652452
Depends on: 652505
Depends on: 652614
Depends on: 652625
Depends on: 652668
Depends on: 652720
Depends on: 652740
Depends on: 652748
Depends on: 652757
No longer depends on: 652757
please thanks 4 all da free support and like too learn how comeback spy ware, viruses,etc...  hope to be able stop zilla soon kept up the good work
Depends on: 652868
Thank you for I do have 2 tower this one is a Presario 5000 now if you look at regristry errors start up low disc space error this is the machine Thank you again & please up the good work
Depends on: 653054
Component: Bugzilla: Other b.m.o Issues → General
Product: →
Version: other → Current
Depends on: 653061
Depends on: 653269
Depends on: 653303
Alias: bmo-regressions-1104 → bmo-regressions
Depends on: 653406
Depends on: 653411
No longer depends on: 653411
Depends on: 653988
Depends on: 653998
Depends on: 654043
No longer depends on: 652553
I just tried to login after firefox crashed, and it errors out and says you MUST select an OS, press back and try again.  HUH? there is no OS to select, i wanted to login and update the bug i just submitted.
Depends on: 654895
Depends on: 654969
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No longer depends on: 652444
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Attachment #530939 - Attachment is patch: false
Attachment #530939 - Attachment mime type: text/plain → application/octet-stream
Depends on: CVE-2011-2381
No longer depends on: CVE-2011-2381
Depends on: 657222
Dudes great job no work still unemploy so if anything everything is appreciated thank - youn r e clark unemployed
(In reply to comment #10)
> Dudes great job no work still unemploy so if anything everything is
> appreciated thank - youn r e clark unemployed

Thanks for the kind remarks. We do our best :)
An ancient bug. Closing.
Closed: 3 years ago
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