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Firefox Sync key document doesn't align to the right on RTL


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When saving the syncKey.xhtml file to disk (Preferences → Sync → My Sync Key) or printing it, the result page will contain RTL content on RTL UI (currently Arabic/Farsi/Hebrew), but the page is missing dir=rtl which make it difficult to read. 

I purpose the following change: 
a. The document will get the UI direction.
b. The key should be ALWAYS in LTR, because it may start with a digit which will be rendered in the wrong side of the string.
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purposed patch

Makes sense.  Thanks for the patch!
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Mounir, can you please take this in one of your landings?
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> Mounir, can you please take this in one of your landings?

I will land this in services-central so that we can have Services QA verify this.

Thanks for the review, Ehsan. I was wondering how I could verify this patch without having to switch my language to Farsi, Arabic or Hebrew :)
I've tested this addition manually by placing the patched file inside omni.jar, and willing to test the Hebrew nightly when this will be landed.
Pushed to s-c:

Tomer, could you add STRs for our QA team?
Keywords: checkin-needed
Whiteboard: [fixed in services]
a. Make sure you have sync configured on the browser.
b. Navigate to Firefox → Preferences → Sync → Account Managment → My Sync Key
c. Save this file to the disk, and open it with the browser. 
d. The file should include text in your browser locale, and if browser locale is {Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew} the text would be aligned to the right not including the sync key string itself. In view source, <body> with dir="rtl" for these locales, dir="ltr" to all other locales.
Not really able to verify in an rtl locale 'til this gets to stage where l10n builds are available.  However, the body tag does have the correct dir="ltr" attribute for en-US build.
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