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Add <link rel="prev|next|..."> elements to the show_bug.cgi page from query


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Seems like resolution from bug 87818 got lost somewhere, there are no <link> elements allowing browsing through the query list.
<link> is gone since Bugzilla 3.6, see bug 509108.
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> <link> is gone since Bugzilla 3.6, see bug 509108.

I think it is sad, that this is not provided by Bugzilla anymore. Sure, <link> elements didn't take the Internet by the storm (to say it mildly), but extensions supporting it are trivial to write (e.g., mine and it is very useful for heavy bugzilla users.
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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > <link> is gone since Bugzilla 3.6, see bug 509108.
> I think it is sad, [...]

Well, so do I, but what is gone is gone I suppose. <shrug /> With the GoToTop extension I can still scroll to the equivalent <a href=...> links at top and bottom of a bug's content.

FTR, and contrary to what is said in bug 509108 comment #1, Mozilla SeaMonkey has (even in the latest trunk builds) a "Website Navigation Bar" in chrome, with "Top Up First Previous Next Last Document More Subscribe" which does indeed "do something useful" with <link> tags that may be present on a page.
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I admit that these should not have been removed as they are useful for those who need them. This patch adds them back using the new 4.0 method for retrieving last search results.

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If it works and doesn't hurt performance, are there reasons not to take this upstream?
IMO, global/site-navigation.html.tmpl is not the right place for this code as it's only relevant when viewing a bug. So bug/show-header.html.tmpl would be a much better place, I think. @Marc: for now, we don't plan to take it back.
In my understanding <link> elements are best in <head> and I am already checking for the bug object before rendering so it should not display for every page.

I have moved it to the BMO extension anyway so I am going to close this out.

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modified extensions/BMO/template/en/default/hook/global/header-additional_header.html.tmpl
Committed revision 7646.
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Site navigation by means of the SeaMonkey toolbar (cf. comment #3) now works on BMO bug pages once a search has been run. => VERIFIED.
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