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Wiki pages from templates + "cron" jobs


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Several pages-sets should be updated from a template on a regular
basis (e.g. from an .ics key).  These include pages about meetings,
such as . As a
first-round implementation, there could be a cron scheduler that takes
an .ics file or something similar and a template and have it populate
the template as appropriate.  The template should be linked to from an
instance page and editable by applicable stake-holders. Stake-holders
should also be able to cancel an update if e.g. a meeting does not
take place.

Going forward, a lot more could be leveraged for such a system.  You
could have an index of meetings and other types of repeating events
instead other just scouring the wiki.

Could apply to dev.m.o, etc, too
Whiteboard: [featurerequest]
Severity: normal → enhancement
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