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Remove check for ZIP in js/src configure, since spidermonkey does not require it


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Per Wes' request...

Building spidermonkey standalone requires ZIP be present (, even though it's not used / needed for the build to complete. This results in delightful workarounds along the lines of:
ln -s /bin/true /bin/zip

...on every new machine used; so Wes would like the check removed.

Occurrences of ZIP in /js/src:

Of those, is being removed in bug 647388 and the entry is only used for chrome packaging, so is only there to keep check-sync-dirs happy. Therefore the check for ZIP is indeed superfluous.
Doh, the two MXR links should be the other way around...
Summary: Remove check for ZIP in JS configure, since spidermonkey does not require it → Remove check for ZIP in js/src configure, since spidermonkey does not require it
Seeing as I was removing the ZIP check, it seemed sensible to just remove the ZIP defines & MOZ_PATH_PROGS altogether, since none of it is used. Plus this way if spidermonkey ever requires ZIP in the future, putting the check back in won't be forgotten. Also removed UNZIP, since it's not used either.


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Ok, this time it wasn't me! The swapped links in comment 2 are due to some weird BMO bug, have filed bug 652740.
Sorry for the spam, but bug 652740 (BMO auto linkification swapping links around) has been fixed, so the comments above are now displaying correctly.

As such, please disregard comment 1 and comment 3.
Jim, ping for review please :-)

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Remove js/src configure & autoconf ZIP/UNZIP references

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Looks good to me.
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Updated to tip, carrying forwards r+.

Thanks for the review :-)
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