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Add aurora branding to fennec


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We need to add aurora branding to fennec. This includes any text and image changes.
i thought we were just doing nightly, beta, and final?  That is, we weren't going to do aurora yet
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> i thought we were just doing nightly, beta, and final?  That is, we weren't
> going to do aurora yet

I haven't seen this written anywhere, so I am moving ahead with the infra. We are making mozilla-aurora builds, so having some form of branding and android package id specific to aurora seems warranted.
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Basic changes. No image changes yet. Two things of note:
* Text change: Fennec -> Aurora
* Android package ID change: org.mozilla.fennec -> org.mozilla.aurora

I'll update this as we get images
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> i thought we were just doing nightly, beta, and final?  That is, we weren't
> going to do aurora yet

we're still producing aurora build, we're just not putting them in the market or advertising them very much because we don't want to spread our testing community too thin.
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asking for review. we can update the images as we go.

do you want the appid to be:

to kinda follow what we do for beta?
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Review of attachment 529115 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: mobile/branding/aurora/
@@ +1,2 @@
> +ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME=org.mozilla.aurora

let's go with org.mozilla.fennec_aurora
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This patch adds --with-branding=mobile/branding/aurora  to all */mozilla-aurora/*/mozconfigs 

I had to break the symlinked versions of the mozilla-aurora configs used in the maemo-gtk and maemo-qt folders. Those mozconfigs are real files now, copied from the mobile-browser configs they were symlinked to.
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Currently testing to make sure that l10n repacks work -- I'll probably just do a linux nightly + repack.
Built a linux mobile desktop nightly to try to trigger repacks, and got

make[5]: *** No rule to make target `/builds/slave/aurora-mob-lnx-ntly/build/mozilla-aurora/mobile/branding/aurora/', needed by `mobile/branding/aurora/Makefile'.  Stop.
Ah looks like the branding patch was pushed to m-c, not mozilla-aurora. Cloning a mozilla-aurora user repo and retrying.
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buildbot configs

r=me if we do the same for the l10n-mozconfig's as well, per .

(Exporting that, and re-importing doesn't work either. Stupid softlinks.)

Timing: this can land in buildbot-configs default branch at any point, but it'll get merged into the production branch by Tuesday at some point, at which point we need to make sure is pushed to mozilla-aurora, or I believe aurora builds will start breaking.

(We've discussed putting the mozconfigs in the tree, which might help, but things like branding might get overwritten during merges. Not sure what the answer is, other than this specific landing needs careful timing.)
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We need the aurora branding pushed to mozilla-aurora. RelEng is waiting to land the mozconfig changes until the branding is in place.

Aki did a test build and things seemed to work
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pushed to aurora:

We can mark this FIXED when the mozconfigs are landed too
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buildbot configs

Landed on default:
They will be landed on production tomorrow morning, after which we may want to trigger nightlies.
This is all landed/merged, and Bear kicked off new Aurora nightlies this morning.
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