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we are moving work order data between field technicians and main office with an industry specific program, 'ComputerEase' & 'FieldEase'. Work orders are sent as email attachments in xml format as 'workorder.fework'. Windows knows to send these to FieldEase. I can save the attachment to the desktop, double-click it and it opens in FieldEase.
If I double-click the attachment within thunderbird, it will not open inside of FieldEase.  When I look at the 'tools/saved files' what I see saved is 'workorder.fework.xml' - Sooo... it looks as if thunderbird is tacking on .xml for some reason. 

The same issue happens when the technician returns the work order as workorder.cei. Thunderbird turns this into workorder.cei.xml before giving it to windows to send along to ComputerEase.

What is interesting is that exporting from ComputerEase or FieldEase to t-bird works fine - t-bird opens, has a new message with the proper attachment.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a workorder in ComputerEase, export it to the technician - Thunderbird opens a new message and the attachment is in there as 'workorder.fework'

2. Receive the workorder in the field - email has 'workorder.fework' listed as the attachment.

3. Double-click the attachment - this should go directly to whatever program is supposed to handle the extension of .fework. T-bird saves the file and sends it out, but attaches .xml on the end of it.

Actual Results:  
the 'workorder.fework' does not open in FieldEase as it should

Expected Results:  
double-clicking the attachment should send it to FieldEase

this issue happens in XP & win7 on every machine and notebook, the platform does not support linux, but I suspect it would be the same. *.fework is properly registered in Windows and will always work when double-clicked from a hard location. *.fework is saved properly when I actually save the attachment somewhere and then double-click it. When I double-click the attachment, t-bird sends out *.fework.xml and this doesn't work. Looking at the 'tools/options - attachments' tab - t-bird associates FieldEase with xml documents, and there seems to be NO WAY to edit the association.

If this is a simple matter of some configuration constant needing to be set, then please let me know as this seems to be an excuse for some people to want to abandon thunderbird.

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7 years ago
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association pics for this bug
What's the association with xml ? (one more line on the last screenshot) ?

How are the emails created (ie by thunderbird by something else) ?

Can we get a sample email ?

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7 years ago
Windows sends *.XML to internet explorer, default has not been changed on any of the systems. I am attaching more info and an EML of the offending message - if there is anything else I can submit, let me know. It seems to me that if one could edit t-bird's associations so that t-bird is not using 'file of type xml' but instead uses 'file of type fework' then the message would get saved properly.

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message flow screenshots

shows the message flow details

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an actual message with attached workorder.fework
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