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7 years ago
With the 4.0 upgrade, users with EDITBUGS no longer have the option of entering a bug as UNCONFIRMED.  I thought this would be a good idea for my recent entry 654892, until somebody else observes the bug, but when filling out the form, that option is gone.  I can go in to read the bug and change it from there, but I think most of the time people won't do that, even if they are entering unconfirmed bugs.


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works for me; i'm able to file bugs as unconfirmed using any account with canconfirm access or higher.  the default status is NEW, but changing it to UNCONFIRMED has the desired effect.
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Screenshot of "new bug" form for user with EDITBUGS

Maybe you can show me where I would change that, then? 
Attached is a screenshot of the bug entry form that I see.  There is no Status field.  Once the bug is created, I can go to the bug page and click "Edit" to change its status, but that's a fairly manual process that requires definite intention and focus, compared to having the status field be on the bug submission page.
If I'm missing something, please point it out!

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7 years ago
The dropdown is only shown in the advanced mode - so you need to use the "show advanced fields" link, top left.

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7 years ago
Ah, OK.  With the current layout, I thought "Show Advanced Fields" was just a title for the fields shown (which might be "advanced" for some users, I suppose) and didn't pay attention to it.  Also "status" seems like a less "advanced" field than some which are shown, so even if I had noticed that link it would not have occurred to me to click there. 

It might be a UX discoverability issue then, but it's nice to know that it's possible to set that status, even if not obvious.

Please feel free to reopen and rename the bug if it's appropriate to change it over to a UX issue.
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