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Hide the "main-features" box for SeaMonkey, to prepare for SeaMonkey 2.1


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SeaMonkey 2.1 is around the corner, and the "main-features" box in the discovery pane ("Get Addons") is blank, except for a left/right arrow that does nothing.

This results in bad UX for SeaMonkey's users, so we should hide it.

There is a bug being worked on to make it easier to use that box for other applications than firefox, once that bug has landed we'll back this out and enable some content for our SeaMonkey users, and it will be usable in SeaMonkey 2.1 at that point.

a patch will follow, and for posterity it needs !important due to jQueryUI animation setting a |display| directly into the style attribute of #main-feature.

Patch has r+ clouserw via IRC, and andym agreed to push before the freeze so this can deploy next thursday.

(posting patch here for posterity, since pastebin.m.o has a 1 month expiration)

file: media/css/zamboni/discovery-pane.css

@@ -1809,5 +1809,11 @@ body.eula #main {
 #eula p:last-child {
     margin-bottom: 0;
+/* App Specific ****/
+.seamonkey #main-feature {
+    /* Hide this for SeaMonkey as it has no content */
+    display: none !important;
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